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What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it? | Q and A Job Interview Tips

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What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it?
This question is also related to behavioral job interview. In an interview, a hiring manager want to know how you deal with hard and problematic situations, and it also shows your competency level in dealing with and resolving problems. This question is the best chance to convince the hiring manager that you can effectively handle any situation during the work time. For this question, you need to use an example from your background and past experience. Do not tell about all of the stressful situations you have encountered, only focus on the major and specific problem. It is always important to highlight your skills that helped you to solve that particular problem. Mention your excellent communication skills because most problems can be resolved through proper communication skills. 

Note - General Tips:
 - Never talk negatively about anyone or any company you have ever work for or worked with.
 - Try to keep your answer work related and put most of the emphasis on the solution to the problem and outcome.
 - Emphasize how you overcame the situation and resolved the problem..
 - Be sure to mention specific skills you utilized that allowed you to resolve the issue.
 - Do not select a personal problem and do not select another person as the “problem”
 - Do not show off. Be concise and accurate in everything you say.
 - Don't talk about a negative sideof the company you work for or the people you work for. 
Answers: Last year, when i was working at one of the reputed catering company in Abu Dhabi, there was an order of 50 boxes of food and beverage items which was exported from the store to venue, i noticed that the employee placed the heavier boxes on the lighter boxes, due to which 2 boxes of canned beer were damaged completely. I urged all the employee to unload the boxes from the truck and place the lighter box at the top of heavier boxes, and reported to the manager of the store about the problems.