Have you been in some challenging situation ? Explain how you handled it? | Job Interview Tips

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Have you been in some challenging situation ? Explain how you handled it?
This is usually an add-on question to explain your strengths that you mention previously. This is good opportunity to give a suitable example, as to why you mentioned what your strengths are. 

- “Yes, we did have some challenging situation during our final semester project delivery. Usually the kind of code logic we were trying to implemented, works with a 64bit processor, while we were trying to make it work with a lower configuration, due to budgetary constraints”. Theoretically it was possible, but result was not coming through and the team wanted to give up and upgrade the hardware. I was positive, that this will work and that we stick to the plan and figure out our actual problem. It took some effort to convince my team, a lot more hard work and few extra hours of reading, but finally we stayed positive and cracked the issue and delivered the project. 
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- The above example, explains your strength like Positive thinking, hard work etc. 
- “I have a huge passion for sports and have been a regular member of college athletic team. There was an event coming up slightly ahead of one of our exam schedule. Although our coach said, I can skip the competition, I was sure I can win points for the college. So I decided, I will put in extra time in studies late evenings, while also practicing and attending the event. I had to stretch a bit physically & mentally, and also manage my time tightly. But finally I was able to win the tournament and also come out with good scores in exam. 
- The above showcases, you multitasking capability, time management, passion for things and hard work.