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Behavioral Interview Question & Sample Answer - Can you work well with in a team?
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Do you like working in a team?
Do you collaborate well?
Are you better on a team or working by yourself?
Describe for me a team project you worked on.
Can you communicate effectively with different personalities?
Tell me about a team project and your contribution.
Please provide an example of when you were part of a team. What was your role?
The main reason for asking this question is your hiring manager wants to know how well you will perform in a team environment. This question is mostly repeated in any other sectors. Teamwork questions are the most common of all behavioral interview questions. Whatever position you're applying for, it's important that you should be ready to answer a teamwork related questions. Any job seekers, whether seeking management or non-management related positions, should be prepared to answer interview questions about working on a team. It can be difficult for interviewer to analyze the candidates, since everyone gets ready to say yes and backup it up with a strong example. So what makes the interviewer think that you are the best one among all?

Make sure your reply needs to show that you can work well in a team and still you can handle individual responsibility, as well. Do not say, I can't work alone. It clearly explains that you are not going to be fit in this position. Working on a team is crucial to nearly much every position, from entry level to director, but keep in mind that the interviewer’s goal is to find someone who is flexible in their ability to work alone and in a team.
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Candidates often say that they "enjoy working with people" but do not  expand upon their response. Anyone can say that they work well with other people, but it's important to show your hiring manager how you accomplish working in a team.  Remember, by asking a behavioral question, they are giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your team skills by sharing a relevant example. Do not get carried away with your response, since your answer should be concise and more relevant to the position you are interviewing for. Make your hiring manager realizes that you can work in a team environment, but you can also work independently as well. Employers are always looking for individuals with leadership potential. 

How To Prepare this Question?
- Give a little bit of background information to help your hiring manager to understand the context of the project and show how important, easy or difficult it was.
 - Select a group project you participated in during the past and explain your role and responsibilities.
- Make sure your prepared answer is no longer than 2- 3 minutes.
- Make sure your answer explains the importance of teamwork to the organization.
- Just show how you and your team worked together, and relied on each other for support.
- Ensure you communicated with other team members effectively.
- Explain how easily you got the difficult work done.
- Provide answers that demonstrate your competency and maturity.
- Avoid showing disagreements in a team because employers recruit employees who can compromise and solve problems. 
- Just make sure to use the experience to showcase your ability to deal with conflict in a productive manner.
- Spotlight yourself as a hero of that teamwork by letting your interviewer know that your skills, ideas, and knowledge also played a important role in making an accomplishment.
 - Try to choose an example from the past unless something older is especially impressive.

Sample Answer: Yes, I can work effectively in a team because working on a number of team projects has allowed me to develop my ability to communicate clearly with others, and mediate conflicts between team members. My willingness to listen to my employees has helped me motivate my coworkers and improve performance.

Sample Answer:- Yes, I can work in a team because team work helps me sharpen my interpersonal skills, ability to speak confidently and assertively with different people in a different situation. It's a great collaboration which will be beneficial to develop leadership skills.