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Interviewers Commonly Check Out and determine the following things on you.
Does this candidate have the knowledge and experience required for producing results as per the job requirement? (This is the reason why the probe into the projects completed by you.)
Can this candidate consistently produce the expected results if selected? (This is the reason why many organizations say they want consistent 60+ in at least 6 or 7 out of 8 semesters.)
Is this candidate the best fit out of the candidates shortlisted for the position?
Will this candidate gel well with the team and the organization after he/she joins? (They also try to gauge if you are a loner / solo performer or a team player.)

Does this candidate possess the type of communication & leadership skills required for the job to be done? (This can be gauged through group discussions as well as interviews.)
Does this candidate have a potential for further growth in our organization or will he/she not be able to grow in our organization because of his/her limited capabilities/potential?
You should go well prepared for an interview if you want to get selected. A casual approach to interviews will not help.
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Many good candidates are rejected because they don’t handle interviewers & their questions well. Sometimes they blurt out something they should not say.
There are some Dos & Don’ts to follow when you appear for an interview. The same are listed below. Also, some frequently asked questions with suggested answers are stated below.
Make sure that you have eaten reasonably well before any interview. Also, have a soft drink or tea before an interview. (It is observed that candidates perform well if they have eaten well before an interview. If they are hungry or thirsty, then they don’t sound very confident/forceful during their interviews.)

Don't try to do anything unusual to impress the interviewers. (If you try to do something unusual, then it may look a bit odd and may work against you.)
As the first impression definitely counts, dress well for all your interviews. Don't take dressing casually for any of the interviews. Not even for the 2nd,3rd or ... the interview in the company. 

Recommended dress code:
Stick to formal business dress.
Well-ironed full sleeve shirt (preferably plain white or light), dark trousers, well-polished shoes.
Tie and/or Jacket, depending upon the position and the local norms. 

Short, trimmed hair.
For women, any conservative formal dress like Punjabi Dress in India is okay.
(Dress for the job for which you are going to be interviewed. If you are a software engineer and you are going for a marketing job, then dress like a marketing person.) 

Show confidence. Look into the eyes of interviewers when you enter and when you talk to them.
When you enter the interview room, say ‘Hello’, to get connected with interviewers.
If you are comfortable shaking hands with them then do so with a firm handshake but don’t crush their hands. 

Give respect & importance to all panel members even if some of them are silent. Remember that all panel members give their rating. Sometimes, the most silent or unimpressive person in a panel is the most important person. Only those people are selected who are liked by the panel members. (Remember, out of many technically equal candidates, only those who are liked by panel members are selected.) 

You should show ‘I can do it’ / ‘I will do it’ attitude throughout your interview.You should not say things like ‘I am not sure’/ ‘I will try’ as these indicate that you are not likely to take responsibility for your on-the-job performance. If you indicate that you are not sure and you are not confident about producing results, then why should an interviewer select you?