Job Interview Tips | HR Interview Questions & Answers - How did you hear about the position?

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HR Interview Questions & Answers - How did you hear about the position?
You need to let the interviewer know that you are an active job seeker. The interviewer wants to know if you have a passive or active interest in the job and possibly if someone referred you. so, It is better to assure them that you are eager for the position and willing to put forth the needed effort to fulfill the position. This question is a great chance for you to explain why you were drawn to the opportunity.

Sometimes most of the companies usually ask this question to see how effective their job posting are, which job boards bring in the most candidates, etc. companies It helps them to identify the most efficient method of posting jobs. So, If you found out about the opening through a friend or a professional contact, don’t hesitate to drop the name.
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Note - General Tips:
- Mention the source from which you heard about the position, but do not elaborate detailly, other than the name of the individual, company or resource.
- Explain what made your interest in the particular job.
- Express your excitement about joining the company and its team.
- Try to point out what the main part of the role entails, and a couple of the required skills in the job description.
- Even if you heard about the position directly from the HR Team or employee, do not go into detail about your relationship with that employee.
- Do not exaggerate.
- If you have been referred by the previous employer of that particular company, do not mention it in your job interview.

I heard about your company through a current employee, John Wilson, who was a previous co-worker of mine at ABC Company. Thereafter, I started to wonder more about your company. Then I saw your post on (job board name) and I got excited. So, after reviewing the position, I felt qualified to fulfill the position and excited about the possibility of joining such a reputable company.