Job Interview Tips (Q&A): Tell about Your Future Goals - What are your goals for the future?

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Job Interview Tips (Q&A): Tell about Your Future Goals - What are your goals for the future?
One of the questions typically asked during an interview is about your future goals. An interview questions like "What are your long-term goals?" and "Where do you see yourself in five years?" are some tricky questions thrown at the candidates during the job interview. This is your right time to communicate about your short and long-term plans with the interviewer, the interviewer would want to learn how stable you are in your professional/personal life. Assure them you can use all your skills and experience and grow with the company that you are working for.

Interviewers do not hire the candidates who won't be moving on to another job right away. This question also helps them determine if you are a good fit for the company. If your goals match up with what you would be doing or could be doing with them, it will indicate that you could succeed at this company.
Follow these General Tips below to response them the best way. 
Note - General Tips:
 - Keep it near term and keep it reasonable.
 - Show the interviewer that you’re ambitious and forward-thinking.
 - List out all your strength and skills.
 - Connect your future goals to the position.
 - Be sure to mention that you’re interested in the position for the long term.
 - Try to bring up skills and traits that you have that would help you do the job.
 - Get clarity on what appeals to you about the job you’re applying for.
 - Do not mention a career path that couldn’t happen in the company you are interviewing with.
 - Assure them that you are not going to change your job right away.   


Answer 1:  My goal is to maintain a good reputation and growth at work and as a personality.  I want to continue learning new techniques that will sharpen my skills and experience. I would like to develop to the point that I can see myself being a great leader and manager who pushes the employees to be better and therefore make the company better.