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Must Know This Important Tip - What type of answers are employers looking for during a pre-employment assessment test?
Many (over 60%) large corporations now use Pre-Employment Screening Assessments. In most cases, you will not be eligible for a job interview or a job offer if you fail the assessment.  They generally are looking at your aptitude ability in terms of numerical capabilities, logical reasoning, analytical thinking along with your personal profile via a psychometric assessment.  Most assessment tests are multiple choice or true and false. They are ultimately trying to predict if your behavior is a good fit for a specific role or broader workplace culture. Here's a tip that will help to improve your scores on this test.

Any section that has choices ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree needs to be seen as True or False. Ignore all the choices in-between.    Because they are wrong.
When taking a personality test – be yourself
Keep in mind that the employer does not see your answers to the test, they only see the results.
To get the best result you need to be seen as confident in your abilities
Read questions carefully and check your answers. If you don’t know an answer, make your best guess and move on. Return to such questions if there is time later.

If there is no completely right answer for a multiple choice question, choose the answer that is closest to how you think as it relates to the company and position.    
strongly suggest you search online for free skills assessment tests.  this will helps you practice better.
When asked moral, ethical or legal-focused questions, choose the answer that is the most moral, ethical and legal.
If you know that you will have difficulty with aspects of testing such as the math assessment, notify the hiring manager and ask if that skill test is necessary for the position. If it is not, the company may wave that part of the test or overlook your deficiency in that area. 
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Example of Other Types of Question:
 If I were to see another employee do something against company policy would I: a) ignore it, it's not my problem, b) confront the employee c) tell the manager, or d) tell other employees what you saw.
The answer to this question would be to tell the manager. They want a tattletale. In reality, though, your co-workers would hate you and you probably wouldn't go running to the manager, but that is what they want to hear that you would do. 

The right way to respond?
Give them the answers they want to hear while being as honest as you reasonably can be. Since by your usual nature (I assume) you don’t steal, the correct answer to the theft question is “No”.
Be consistent and answer similar questions in the same way
Answer quickly with your first instinctual response
Don't over-think your answers 

What type of answers are employers looking for during a pre-employment assessment test?
They want the answers that truly reflect your personality. There is no pass or fail. The organization has decided the personality profile that they feel will fit best within their business for that particular position, and they are using the pre-employment assessment to select for people who fit that profile as closely as possible.

It's very tricky to second guess them, for a few reasons. Companies may have varying ways of deciding the "ideal" personality profile, which would range from well-researched surveys and evidence-based assessment done by external consultants, through to someone in HR informally asking the manager of the team with the vacancy what type of person he/she thinks they might like to hire. Unless you know an awful lot about the individual organization's selection process (eg. from a friend or acquaintance who's been successful in it recently), your chances of successfully guessing are probably fairly small.

Therefore, they always test your presence of mind with an ability to stand out in the situation or the problem that they throw. And of course, you may contradict with your employer, if you do not agree with their point for a valid reason.