Difficult Interview Questions November 2018 - How would you deal with a demanding customer? | Job Interview Tips Q&A

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Difficult Interview Questions For November 2018 - How would you deal with a demanding customer? 
Interviewer wants to know how you are going to face the  customers who are never satisfied and who continue to change the game as time passes . This clearly shows how proactive service provider you are. Showing your interpersonal skills to an interviewer will put you on the side of positivity.  This is a very common question so you need to come up with something good before you go to interview. Keeping customers satisfied is the primary job requirement of customer service personnel.
If demanding customers have come to you, but if they don’t really know what they want, then they’ll continue to be demanding and may never be a satisfied customer.  Skipping this question will break your chance from getting job. It's better to create some stories to backup your answer. This will definately help you to impress your interviewer. 

Note - How to deal with demanding customers:
 - Self-restraint and an ability to keep power in the relationship. Also, don't allow anything to interrupt this conversation.
 - Try to listen their problem first before you give any suggestion. Do not interfere them when they are explaining to you. Difficult customers want you to take their problem seriously rather than wanting for a perfection.
Read Also: 

- One of the most important skills in interacting with customers is the use of positive language to help avoid accidental knee-jerk reactions.
 -  Do not be patronizing, as this is likely to further aggravate the unhappy customer.
 - Having a manager speak with the customer immediately may also help minimise compensation beyond the specific loss
 - Lower the voice and slow down speech.
 -  If a customer leaves angry or you have a conflict with a well-regarded, regular client, be sure to inform your boss promptly about what happened so she can take follow-up action to salvage the situation.
- Do not take any complaints personally. If you're not sure you know what your client wants from you,  then give them the power to resolve things. Ask them to identify what will make them happy.
 - Demanding customers come and go but it’s up to you to know how to manage those tricky relationships and either make them work—or show them the door.

Sample Answer: Once, our restaurant was busy and one of our repeated customer had a problem with food delay. The food ordered by them weren't available for 15 minutes. So, one of them called me and began to complain, he seems to be very angry but what I did was, first listened to his problem enthusiastically, and convinced him that we got some technical issue in the kitchen therefore I gave them some complimentary food before they got their main course in the table.  Fortunately, they were happy enough to get their food even after 30 minutes.