Importance of Body Language | Interview Tips That Lead to Job Offers

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Importance of Body Language : Interview Tips That Lead to Job Offers | Job Interview Tips Q&A 
[ Tip #6 ] Importance of Body Language : Interview Tips That Lead to Job Offers
Preparing good answers for common interview questions is a great way to appear qualified and confident during interview process. Remembering a few things about effective body language can help you communicate a positive message to your interviewer. Most companies do not merely want employees who have many qualifications and a lot of working experience rather they want employees who have powerful personalities and will be able to reflect perfectly what the company stands for.
Show that you are a keen listener before you reply anything. Do not haste.

One of the most important things to keep in mind in terms of understanding body language when being interviewed is that your back should be straight at all points in time. . A person who is a good speaker will be able to use his body posture in an effective manner in order to get his point across effectively. Keeping arms open and uncrossed will communicate a warm and friendly message, and sitting tall with your back against the back of the seat will communicate a message of confidence. Maximum interviewers complain they reject the candidates who fail to make  an eye contact during interview, which signs a lack of confidence, but too much eye contact can cause untrustworthy, aggressive  and awkward moments in interview hall. Employers are looking for unspoken clues in your face and body language and your eyes tend to give away a lot.

Your tone of voice should also be in keeping with your body language. Similarly, hand gestures are one of the essential parts of your message to the interviewer, however, avoid pointing or using too many hand gestures. Likewise playing with your hair or touching your face can also make you appear unprofessional. Stand and sit up straight and try not to cross your arms, however, if you are unsure about hand gesture ideas, then simply folding them together and holding them in your lap can be a good body language. AJIRA PORTAL
Be sure to give another firm handshake, a smile, and eye contact once the interview is over!