Repeated - Probable Interview Question For 2019 - Are You Overqualified for This Job? | Job Interview Tips

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Repeated - Probable Interview Question For 2019 - Are You Overqualified for This Job? | Job Interview Tips 
Are you overqualified for this job? When a hiring manager asks this specific questions, he is trying to determine your eligibility for a specific position.  After asking this question, the interviewer has likely already understood that you are, overqualified for the job you are applying.  Clarify the interviewer’s concerns.
Another reason why your hiring manager asks this question is that they do not want you to feel bored with this position or expect a far higher salary than they intend offering, and then look for the different position in another company.

They want you to grow professionally in this position.  Mention in your answer that you’re not overqualified, but fully qualified. Your experiences have helped you develop that allows you to focus on what’s important at your current or the position you are applying. With a little preparation, you can turn this question around and demonstrate the benefits to the company if you are given the job, rather than purely focusing on why you want it. Hiring managers value honesty and confidence, so be sure to avoid being timid in your responses. 
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Note - General Tips:
 - Explain how you can grow in this position.
 - Do emphasize the opportunity presented.
 - You can always customize your answers, depending on the current circumstance that you’re in..
 - Ensure the interviewer knows that you are interested in the long-term potential for this position
 - Your answer should be targeted towards interviewers' expectations, not your personal needs.
 - Avoid highlighting the points like:  I need money, I need promotion, I need a job, I want to work in the best location, I've always been interested in your work or company, etc.
 - Emphasize Your Knowledge and Experience to Demonstrate Your Value.
 - Talk about how your previous experience has prepared you to handle situations that you will likely face if hired.
 - Acknowledge that you may have more experience or seniority than the job description requires.
 - Don’t breeze over the question or your answer in an effort to get the interviewer to quickly move on to the next question. 

Answer:  Nobody is overqualified in any position because to pursue the life we need as much knowledge as we possibly can get to leave a good print in history. I may be overqualified for this job but qualification is not everything. This position is exactly what I'm looking for because I believe that every task teaches a new lesson to a person. I am very sure that if I am offered this job then it would enhance my skills.  My maturity, along with my experience, will enable me to do a terrific job for the company. And  I am ready to do well here from the first day.