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Review Common Interview Questions : Win any Interview 
[ Tip #10 ] Review Common Interview Questions : Win any Interview
Another key to interview success is to review the most recurring and frequently asked interview questions and prepare for the best response. You also need to make sure what kind of interview will be held. Whether it's one-on-one or group interview. Check other sections of our application to see frequently asked HR interview questions and their sample answer.

Your goal is to try to determine what you’ll be asked during the interview and construct the best response with examples and backup. It is critical to understand that an interview is a forum for pitching the skills, achievements, qualifications and character attributes listed on your resume as unique selling points.
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Interviewers seem to have favorite questions that they always ask every job candidate. The best way to impress interviewers is to have thought about the question and prepared to answer it in advance. Usually, solid reasons exist for asking each question. Hiring the wrong person can be a very costly mistake, so interviewers are highly motivated to avoid being responsible for making a hiring mistake.

Whatever you do: practice, practice, practice when it comes to job interview questions. Have an answer to every common question ready that focuses on the positive.