Situational Interview Question | What is the most competitive work situation you have experienced? How did you handle it? What was the result?

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Situational Interview Question 2018 - What is the most competitive work situation you have experienced? How did you handle it? What was the result?
This question is designed to test your level of experience and your ideas and strategies to solve competitive work situation and difficult problems. As you know, the job is not just about working and handling the day to day affairs but is also about handling the difficult situations sometimes occur during the day. Focus and highlight an example based on your professional experience, even if it's limited to an internship. Don’t share the challenges you faced in your college or school, it shows that your ability to face the problems is limited to academic and you don’t possess any adequate knowledge in the real world scenario. Focus on how you solved rather than detailing the problem. The question about the challenging projects will reveal your level of skill, effort to complete tasks, teamwork, enthusiasm, and determination. 

Note - General Tips:
- Once you describe the toughest task, the interviewer will definitely ask if you were able to solve it and how did you proceed. So back up your answer with a few solutions and success stories.
- If you don’t have this experience yet then explain what you would do if you did come across such a situation. Create a situation yourself and elaborate on them.
- Select a tough work situation that was not caused by you.
 - You can create your own problem according to it and try to solve it and later talk about it in your interview.
  - Be honest, but show the interviewer that you're knowledge, competent, and capable to handle the job role you are applying for.
 - Don't say "No, I don't have any" " I have not faced any toughest task yet" " I don't have such experience" etc. It shows that you are not fully motivated and challenged to your work.
 - Don't forget to mention what you have learned from that specific task.
 - Explain where you had problems and difficulties in getting this done, what did you do to conquer them and what other changes you'd make if you were in a similar situation now. 

Sample Answer: 
A few years back, I was working at one of the reputed retail stores in a group of 5 people. Our supervisor assigned a task to sell 50 boxes of new brand shoes to each of us, but the most competitive thing was that those boxes had to be sold within 3 days. Each of us made our own ideas and strategies. I was not worried about selling the products, rather I took a deep research and survey for a whole day, but I couldn't sell any. However, I found that teenagers were more interested in my products. Next day I demonstrated the features especially to teenage people, and I was happily able to sell all the boxes on the second day. The good thing was that I was awarded as the best employee of that particular month. Also, I learned that the correct product at a correct time to a correct people at a correct place is the best idea to boost the sales.