Caseworker Job Opportunity Kigoma at CWS/RSC Africa | January - February, 2019

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Jobs in Tanzania 2019: Caseworker Job Vacancy Kigoma at CWS/RSC Africa | January - February 2019
Job Title: Caseworker
Grade: 4(N)
Level: Associate Specialist
Division: Operations
Section: Field Processing
Location: Kasulu, Tanzania

Eligibility List
The eligibility list established as a result of this job posting will be used for a minimum of six months or until the list is exhausted. This list will be used to fill any current and immediate future vacancies. Individuals who are interested in this position should submit their applications materials now.

HR will use the e-mail you provided in ApplicantStack as the official means of communications for this recruitment process.

Application Materials
Your application materials should clearly indicate how you meet the requirements of the position. Be sure your resume is in an easy to read format. Dates of employment on your resume should be in mm/yy format.

Primary Purpose
This position is primarily responsible for assisting eligible refugee applicants prepare the best possible case file for an interview with an Officer of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for final adjudication.
This position reports to the Field Processing Supervisor.

Essential Duties
Achieves and maintains a high performance standard based on a thorough knowledge of, and adherence to, established Church World Service Resettlement Support Centre (CWS/RSC Africa), Department of State (DOS), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and Refugee Processing Centre (RPC) policies and procedures regarding current refugee processing eligibility criteria, database, and file management guidelines, the role of US Resettlement Agencies and refugee producing country conditions.
Travels throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, as assigned, to conduct resettlement interviews with refugee applicants, collecting biographical information and establishing refugee claims, in a dignified and professional manner.
Conducts the AOR Screening and Prescreening One interview, per the daily minimums set by Field Processing Management, in a non-confrontational, objective, and dignified manner. This includes:
a. Determining case composition and ensures all refugee cases are cross-referenced according to established standard operating procedures.
b. Establishing the validity of an applicant’s identity through verification of all demographic and biographic information including, but not limited to, names, nationalities, birth dates, and locations of all immediate family members in order to complete the refugee case history as required.
c. Collecting all identity information including photographs, height, and weight.
d. Documenting applicant’s persecution claim.
e. Analysing, evaluating, and assessing the eligibility of refugee applicants for final adjudication by USCIS officers.

Assists in Adjudications Circuit Rides, which includes completing post-Adjudication review, updating decisions and fingerprints, and preparing and distributing decision letters.
Runs Quality Check reports to ensure complete and accurate files, as well as identifies and correct processing errors prior to USCIS adjudication.
Identifies and reviews cases pending Prescreening and USCIS interviews in preparation for scheduling, schedules the cases in WRAPS, generates reports for refugee/partner notification, ensures that the reports are centrally filed for easy retrieval, and updates WRAPS accordingly.
Prepares cases for CIS, including reviewing physical and WRAPS files and constituting physical files.
Works with other Operations departments as necessary to properly update the appropriate cases.
Assists as needed in preparing circuit rides. This may include but is not limited to; requisitioning supplies, assisting GSO in preparation, packing of files, contacting interpreters, clean up at the end of the circuit ride, and other tasks as assigned by the Supervisors.
Completes and updates all case files all database records.
Writes deferrals and info memos for referring agency action, as required.
Conducts file reviews in accordance with RSC and USCIS guidelines, paying close attention to detail.
Assists in various administrative tasks including but not limited to: research, locating files, data entry, and case analysis.
Analyses complex cases in consultation with Supervisors in accordance with established policies and procedures, while remaining open to supervisory direction.
Trains new staff as required and contributes to the development of Field Processing training procedures and their implementation.
Contributes to the development and updating of standard operating procedures for the Field Team in coordination with Field Processing Supervisors, Managers and Coordinator.
Performs additional duties and special assignments as needed to facilitate the efficient processing and operation of the United States Refugee Admissions Program in Sub-Saharan Africa


Bachelor’s degree or four (4) years of paid work experience in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree is required.

Casework or previous resettlement experience is preferred.

• Strong verbal and written English language skills;
• Second language an advantage; Somali, Tigrinya, French, Amharic, Kinyarwanda or Arabic preferred;
• Demonstrated computer skills, especially Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook;
• Strong organizational and time management skills;
• Meticulous attention to detail.

The Caseworker must have the ability to:
• travel extensively throughout the regions, sometimes on short notice and under difficult conditions;
• accurately type 40 WPM at 96% accuracy;
• pass a job knowledge assessment in order to be confirmed at the end of probation;
• pass the job knowledge assessments with a score of 80% or higher;
• maintain a high performance standard with attention to detail;
• communicate effectively both verbally and in writing;
• follow instructions from the Supervisor with a positive and receptive attitude;
• deal effectively and courteously with a large number of associates, outside agencies, refugees and members of the general public;
• conduct oneself in a professional and courteous manner to represent the best interests of RSC Africa and CWS/IRP;
• maintain a high performance standard with attention to detail;
• carry out all of the duties of the position efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision;
• work independently and contribute to overall operations of CWS RSC Africa;
• take initiative in the development and completion of projects;
• lead others and address issues as they arise;
• maintain strict confidentiality with CWS RSC Africa administrative and operational information;
• manage a large and diverse workload under pressure with competing priorities;
• analyse and solve complex problems;
• work well as a team in a multi-cultural environment while maintaining a high level of motivation
• effectively manage RSC Africa’s resources;
• manage cash advances and report expenses accurately;
• actively participate in the implementation of the U.S. Government Refugee Admissions Program.

Working Conditions
Physical: This position requires bending, squatting, climbing, kneeling, sitting, standing, walking, pushing/pulling, handling objects (manual dexterity), reaching above shoulder level, using fine finger movements and lifting/carrying heavy loads.
Environmental: Incumbents in this position will be exposed to excessive noise, marked changes in temperature and/or humidity, dust and infectious diseases, harsh weather climates, long work hours, bumpy roads, extended travel, excessive sun exposure, and non-ventilated spaces. 

Special Requirements
Police Clearance Certificate issued within the last one year (12 months) is required before the start of employment.

A valid passport and the ability to maintain a valid passport throughout the entire appointment is required, which includes having enough passport pages for travel. The candidate should be of good health, willing and able to travel extensively in often difficult conditions, and have a high degree of flexibility. Must have proof of Yellow Fever vaccination before traveling for RSC Africa. Employee will be entrusted with the receipt, custody and payment of money.


None required. 


Ensure effective exchanges of information with others. Examples of skills and behaviors include speaking to others respectfully; expressing ideas in a logical, organized way; sharing information appropriately; and clarity and conciseness in written communication.

Ensure constructive and supportive interactions with others. Examples of skills and behaviors include being positive and supportive when working with others; sharing information and resources freely; resolving conflict constructively; and proactively working to remove obstacles to success for others. 

Job Knowledge
Utilize and apply job related knowledge to complete job tasks at a level that meets or exceeds expectations. Examples of skills and behaviors include utilizing job knowledge to solve problems or develop new approaches; maintaining or enhancing skills through continuing education; and taking on projects that will develop or enhance skills.

Work effectively and contribute as a member of a team. Examples of skills and behaviors include supporting other team members by sharing information; covering the work of others during absences, vacations etc.; and actively participating in developing ideas for ways to increase team effectiveness.

Problem Solving
Analyze information and develop solutions to challenges that arise during the course of performing a job. Examples of skills and behaviors include researching and collecting facts; defining the issues and the parties affected; formulating options/solutions for addressing the problem; and engendering support for and implementing the solution.

Program Planning and Management

Organize work and/or plan projects and ensure timely completion and/or successful implementation. Examples of skills and behaviors include identifying and analyzing program options; identifying the tasks and deliverables required for successful completion; managing one’s time; monitoring the resources involved and ensuring that they are directed most effectively; and working with all involved to ensure successful completion.

Guide and direct oneself or other individuals and groups toward a desired outcome. Examples of skills and behaviors include taking the appropriate level of initiative to resolve problems or remove obstacles, bringing individuals together around a common goal; evaluating information and making decisions; navigating conflict and obstacles; and ensuring that communication takes place between all parties involved.

Resource Building and Stewardship
Balance the acquisition or investment of organization resources with responsible use of those resources in line with the organization’s mission. Examples of skills and behaviors include taking advantage of all opportunities to cultivate potential donors; evaluating situations to identify the best use of resources; and making responsible investments of resources that increase organization effectiveness.