Updated | What are Your Salary Expectations? | Most Asked HR Interview Questions and Sample Answer 2019 - Revision

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Updated - Most Asked HR Interview Questions and Sample Answer 2019- Revision -What are Your Salary Expectations?
This question sounds simple and straightforward, but the question relating to salary is one of the most complex interview questions to answer. This question helps you to explain how you value your own work because HR managers ask this question to identify if the company can afford you. They would prefer a candidate with reasonable and minimum salary expectations. Most HR managers use the salary expectations question as a screening tactic. Being, transparent about your current pay and what you hope to make sets you up to be screened out of the interview process if your expected salary is too much.

On the other hand, a number “too low” undervalues your work and potential, and keeps you dissatisfied at the later stage of your employment. In these cases, bite the bullet early and tell the truth. It's better to be straightforward while telling your expectation. The upside is that being straightforward with recruiters will also keep you on their radar when there is an opportunity that meets your salary requirements.

If you don't want to tell your expectation or if you are fresher, then One good tactic is to say that you want to learn more about the job first, before you think about the salary that would go with it.
 One more interesting thing about this question is, it usually indicates that there is some interest in having you come to work for the company.  This is the time to open your mouth, but before you need to take a deep research on market value (Payscale.com /Glassdoor.com/ Salary.com) to understand the market salary range for the position or how much they are offering to other candidates.

Interviewers ask this question to ensure that they can afford you before handling a job agreement paper. So,  before you reach the point of salary negotiations, sell them on you, and convince them of your worth to their organization.
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While answering salary related question, you shouldn't delay in giving your answer. If you do so, then you’re letting the hiring manager know that they’re getting a tough negotiator if they hire you. Experts suggest that you give a salary range, rather than an actual number. 

Note - General Tips:
 - Put yourself in a salary range that is neither below nor above the range.
 - Know the Salary Range as soon as you plan to take the interview for the particular position in a particular company.
 - Take a deep research and know what the market rate will be for the job. 
 - Get to the point with a statement like this: “I’m currently making $450,000, and I’m looking to make 10% to 15% more.”
- Show that you are ambitious and want to grow and move up along with the company.
 - Sell them on you, and convince them of your worth to their organization. 

The Answer for Fresher:  Since I am fresher, I am looking for a position and exposure that finds a good fit for my interests and skills. I would accept a competitive salary that best fits the industry standard. 

The Answer for Experienced: Based on my past experience and market research, I believe that a range of 55-65 k per month would be a suitable number for the job role.