2 New Jobs Dar es salaam at Standard Bank Group | February, 2019

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Jobs in Tanzania 2019: New Jobs Dar es salaam at Standard Bank Group | February, 2019
Position: Head, Digitization & Peripheral System
• Job ID: 30363
• Job Sector: Banking
• Country: Tanzania
• Region/State/Province/District: Dar es Salaam Region
• Location: Dar es Salaam
Job Details
Information Technology: systems development, business analysis, architecture, project management, data warehousing, infrastructure, maintenance and production

Job Purpose
• Establishes and enforces the Security model, technologies and standards for system architects and designs of all Self Service Channel (SSC) systems & Peripheral systems: Internet Banking, Agency banking, ATMs, ATM switch, Enterprise Service Bus, Integrations with vendors and 3rd party business partners, Mobile Banking, etc.
• To translate business requirements into systems qualities and thence into repeatable design strategies and patterns that enables those qualities (e.g. adaptability, scalability, availability, non-repudiation, reusability, etc.)
• Contributes to the enterprise application integration (EAI). This includes defining the opportunities for integration, selecting the tools, specifying the shared data & code resources, defining the interfaces and data-flows, and monitoring the success of said integration.
• Compiles or designs architectural models of current and proposed SSC systems across the enterprise for use internally and in conjunction with Technology Partners

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
SSC Unit Systems Architect
• Responsible for the architectural designs of the new and modified SSC products/solutions/systems and ensure the designs are aligned to the ICT enterprise future technological and operational strategic roadmap and architectural designs
• Responsible for coordinating the development, implementation and monitoring of operational and technological strategy objectives in line with business and companywide strategy. Ensure the Technology and operating model of back office is aligned to business anticipated growth and ambitions.
• Guides the innovation, transformation and integration teams to ensure SSC Technologies and operational processes remains relevant and up-to-date in a cost effective way and achieve high ROI in Technology and operational processes investments.
• An interface between business, SSC and Enterprise Systems Architect, translating business and customer needs into operational deliverables covering processes, technology solutions, management Information and business intelligence data.
• Ensure the SSC systems performance objectives are aligned to the business and bank strategic objectives.
• Ensure to interpret business strategy and determine innovative SSC solutions supporting strategy implementation.
• Design and model solutions for customer innovation and experience along with similar initiatives variants, i.e. to improve controls, cost saving, improve efficiency, etc.
• Ensure to share decisions’ authority to translate strategies in procedures and programs.
• Guide and direct different cross-functional programs and projects of varied sizes and types concurrently.
• Manage and attain customer expectations and ensure delivery fulfill expectations.
• Coordinate all cross-functional activities, represent customers internally and collaborate with leaders in varied areas on allocation across projects and resource planning.
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• Evaluate business requirements and produce high level solution blue-prints
• Compiles or designs architectural models of current / modified and new systems across the enterprise for use internally and in conjunction with Technology Partners. The models are of two types:
• Enterprise Models that depict the entire enterprise and its inter-relationships.
• Reference Models that depict recommended & approved technologies & designs, which can serve as a template for future projects.

These models cover the following viewpoints:
• API Stack of blessed Open Standards and Proprietary Technologies (expanded OSI 7-Layer Model)
• Application Map
• Data Flow Diagram
• Business Process Models (from the Business Process team)
• Logical & Physical Data Schema
• Hardware Infrastructure Diagram
• Network LAN & VLAN Infrastructure Diagram
• Also, where needed to clarify application requirements, Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams, viz.: Use Case, Class, Package, Object, Sequence, Collaboration, State-chart, Activity, Component and Deployment Diagrams.
• Establishes the Design Repository and Metadata Repository for integrating all aspects of these models, and provides oversight of its use in conjunction with integrated Tool sets.
• Perform design reviews for SSC systems. (Note: not code reviews.)
• Guide the evaluation of SSC system vendor software targeted for possible integration into the systems or environment, including strategic applications, tools, and utilities.
• Defines the SSC systems design methodology, development process methodology and best practices.
• Surveys external emerging developments, and evangelizes new technologies, standards and methodologies that will have a positive impact on the SSC systems bottom-line and quality of service.
• Participates in external standards body work that defines SSC systems standards in the health community.
• Liaising with the overall Senior Enterprise Systems Architecture and other department architect specialists to ensure that new and modified products are well designed and secured.

SSC Systems Security Architect
• Monitors security guidelines and standards.
• Establishes and enforces the Security Policy and Trust Model for Administrators to follow in delegating and granting application privileges.
• Establishes and enforces the Security Model, technologies and standards for system architects and designers.
• Tracks warnings of new types of security threats and assures that the systems in place guard against these threats.
• Establishes the systems for discovering, tracking and convicting abusers of security and system integrity.
• Performs periodic security audits on existing systems.

Ensures Compliance

• Evaluate business requirements and produce high level solution blue-prints
• Review and complete responses to business requirements, maximizing compliance and documenting assumptions (high level solution assumptions where developments are required or existing solution would need adaptation to achieve compliance)
• Participate in high level estimation of design effort to create requirement specifications for Development personnel;
• Guide on the design and creation of deployment and testing tools e.g. for data migration, interfacing and configuration management;
• Validate and monitor data structure changes to maintain deployment tool viability and documentation;
• Interface & integration design
• Investigate and document integration approaches with third party systems;
• Produce technical proof of concepts on new technology
• Establish industry , regulatory and external issues which impact operational risk by engaging with relevant business units, regulators and Industry bodies (e.g. PCI) and keeping up to date with their requirements
• Ensure that compliance risk is managed by maintaining a compliance tracker and preparing action plans for exceptions in conjunction with management
• Coordinate the implementation of compliance plans by preparing progress updates, highlighting deviations.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

• Tertiary qualification in Computer Science, Information Technology/Systems or related field
• Certification/Active Membership of a professional organisation preferred
• Postgraduate qualification would be an added advantage
• Strong management skills
• Strong problem solving skills
• Technically competent with broad knowledge of systems management, development and implementation methods with specialist knowledge of applications, Electronic Banking/Channels and peripheral systems

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

• At least five years’ experience in any of the following areas: Technical, support, Systems Administration, Applications support, Electronic Banking/Channels Support, Programming
• At least three years management experience
• Banking/financial industry experience would be an added advantage

Position: Software Architect
• Job ID: 33282
• Job Sector: Information Technology and Services
• Country: Tanzania
• Region/State/Province/District: Dar es Salaam Region
• Location: Dar es Salaam

Job Details
Information Technology: systems development, business analysis, architecture, project management, data warehousing, infrastructure, maintenance and production

Job Purpose

To design, code, test, debug and correct programs in development environments within the Continuous delivery pipe lines as well as provide support and maintenance of computer systems and programmes. In addition, produce program specifications in accordance with the Cyclomatic complexity conducive to a technical area, and implement applicable enhancements as well as work effectively within a strict framework of Software quality assurance standards. 

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
• Strive to reach mature levels on the Continuum model by building own and team competence to work in a continuous delivery environment. Champion team learning and adopt suitable methodologies and practices.
• Collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines in a cross-functional team to deliver against iteration targets.
• Work in partnership with Business representatives (e.g. Product Owner, Product Manager) to ensure alignment and value to the customer.
• Manage work effectively as an individual and team member including the reprioritisation of backlogs and react flexibly to changing demands
• Prepare test cases for unit testing purposes.
• Conduct unit testing and fix detected errors. Testing can be done on own work as well as on that of other colleagues in the team.
• Develop technical support documentation within agreed standards.
• Document all work done as per standards, methods and tools used in the bank for application development.
• Construct, interpret and execute end to end system and program tests to verify correct operation of completed systems.
• Ensure adherence to release methodology and technical change management procedures for all changes.
• Adhere to project timelines for new developments and agreed service level timelines for repairing defects.
Develop tier coding, business layer coding, interface development, service development and ensure creation of stored procedures, etc. as applicable for the work package / project.
• Drive CTS and customer specific coding standards, guidelines and best practices.
• Understand the database concepts and write efficient queries.
• Raise clarifications / issues / concerns regarding work output to the lead.
• Seek review from peer / technical lead periodically.
• Participate in setup activities for required environment setup.
• Deploy code build in testing environment.
• Conduct peer review during design, coding and testing.
• Complete documentation as per the scope.
• Prepare guidelines and checklist for development and testing activities. Provide feedback to design team.

Preferred Qualification and Experience
• BSc Computer Science, B.Com Informatics degree or related degree

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
• Understanding and work experience using Java Spring and RESTful Web services.
• Experience in using and implementing Agile methodologies.
• In-depth experience of HTML, XML, JavaScript, SQL
• Working knowledge of JUnit, JMeter, HTTP test, and selenium
• Working knowledge of Application Servers
• Working knowledge of Web Servers such as Apache or similar containers
• Knowledge of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2, and SQL Server advantageous.
• Experience working in global technical teams
• Excellent understanding of Object Oriented (OO) principles
• Advanced experience of building RESTful services/systems (JSON, XML)
• Agile environment experience (SCRUM, TDD, BDD)
• XML (JAXP and JAXB), XSLT, AJAX and Web Services
• Excellent knowledge in JSF, Spring and Hibernate.
• Strong understanding of Object Oriented Design
• Experience in relational database design on DB/Oracle/SQL Server and good knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL
• MVC frameworks (Struts, Velocity or similar)
• SaaS, SOA, Agile, OO software design, unit testing and Agile development process, SDLC ((design, develop, test and deploy), Web Services – Building APIs, OOP and Agile
• Software consulting experience (implementing enterprise software solutions for customers) including direct customer contact