Fixed - Asked HR Interview Question | How much work experience do you have? / Tell me about your work experience?

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Fixed - Asked HR Interview Question -How much work experience do you have? / Tell me about your work experience?
This is also one of the most important and commonly asked question in any job interview. 
Interviewers always expect the candidates to be able to explain and demonstrate their past / current work experience in detail at interview. Describe them your job roles, responsibilities, about the company, and the tenure you worked in the past. Always try to remember what you have mentioned in the CV before you face the interview. Don't give a negative impression taking too much time on thinking about your joining date, old salaries etc. Answer the question immediately to throw a good impression on your interviewer.  Your answer should make it clear that you’re a strong performer in your current role and are now looking for a new opportunity to grow your professional career. 

Note - General Tips:
- Mention the positivity about you past company or boss even if you did not enjoy the work or your role in the past.
 - Be positive and focus on what you have learned from your past experience.
- Your points should be beneficial to the company and the job role you are applying.
 - Don't make any negative remarks about your past or present manager, your fellow employees, or the company you are working for.

Answer:  For the last two years I have been working for ABC Company as a Sales Associate. In that position, I was responsible for handling all the sales activities, from lead generation through to close.  I was also assigned to elevate company standards, achieve sales goals and meet clients’ expectations. During my tenure, I completed various professional and vocation training organized by the company. Which then, I was able to complete the goal using my own methods of sales technique. I was also awarded different titles for my work. 

What if you don't have any experience? 
You still have 100 % chance to impress interviewer sitting opposite to you. Mention about your academic achievements and practical experience you did it in your past. It will definitely help you to win the job agreement paper.

Answer: After completing my accounting degree, i was hired straight away as an Intern at ABC Company where I learned  (Mention what you have learned). Now that I am certified with a master's degree program, and have all those volunteer hours under my belt, I feel well prepared to apply for a full-time work where I can gain more experience and expose my talent for the betterment of the company.