Frequently Asked HR Interview Question in January 2019 | What were your responsibilities at your previous workplace?

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Frequently Asked HR Interview Question in January 2019 - What were your responsibilities at your previous workplace?
The most frequently asked question in a sales job interview. This question can be asked in many different ways. They might ask “What do you think are the most important responsibilities of a sales associate?” “What in general are your responsibilities as a sales assistant?" “What are some major responsibilities that sales associate needs to handle?” etc.

Sales associates are the first people customers interact with when they enter a retail arena, so you must ensure that you have all the required knowledge to rotate a globe.
If you are looking for a sales job, you need to give an answer to this question, and if you don't have an answer, means that you're not fully interested in this field. Remember, your response to this question could make or break your job.
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Note - Major Responsibilities:
- Providing information regarding services and products and answer any preliminary questions that customers may have.
- Ensuring that the customers are aware of all the promotions, daily deals, and latest offers.
- Escorting customers to the correct Places.
- Ensuring that the work area and aisles are clean and the shelves are dusted properly. Arranging products on shelves in a tidy manner.
- Ensuring that all purchased items are delivered to the customers in a prompt manner.
- Ordering out of stock items in a timely manner.
- Maintain company brand standards of the neat, clean and organized sales floor, cash wrap, fitting room and stockroom to ensure the store environment is safe and presentable for employees and customers.
- Ensure return merchandise is restocked to the correct product location on the sales floor; all damaged and defective merchandise is properly labeled and placed in the appropriate area at the end of each shift.

Sample Answer: I was responsible for maintaining a neat and clean section with a persuasive display of products, greeting clients, understanding their product preferences and expectations, suggesting the appropriate product, testing it, processing warranty, operating POS cash register for payment and issuing the corresponding receipt.