Job Interview Tips 2019 | What Have You Learned in Your Last Job?

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Job Interview Tips 2019 | What Have You Learned in Your Last Job?
In this question, the interviewer is not asking you to talk about your duties, responsibilities or achievements in your last job. Instead, they want to know in what ways you have developed professionally while working in your previous job. So, this is the right time to show, what skills made you successful in your previous job. The employer will certainly hire you if they realize that you have brilliant techniques in handling the particular position you are applying for.
It’s important that you consider what the employer wants to hear, but make sure what you’re saying is the truth, but remember, if your previous roles were a bit of a nightmare and you were treated badly, this isn’t the time to start detailing about it. 

Note - General Tips:
 - Remember, to answer this question, you must highlight one or more examples which are directly relevant to the role for which you are now applying.   
 - Think about the skills that the job requires and tailor your answer towards that.
 - Tell them you want to learn more, to help the company move up. 
 - Research about the particular company before facing interview.  If the company places a high emphasis on teamwork, then use this answer as a chance to say that you were an expert in your
previous jobs.
- Show that you are ambitious and want to grow and move up along with the company.
- Your answer should be self-evident and, if you make a point of it, there is a risk that the interviewer might think you’re just telling them what they want to hear. 

Answer:   Initially, when I was appointed as a sales associate, I got the opportunity to work in a team. Most of the staffs on the team were well experienced from where I got the shared knowledge, different ideas and, techniques from the different people. I learned the fundamental concept of understanding the customer behavior, strategic to grow the sales and the day to day planning and policies to be self-confident and self-motivated. I believe this was the most helpful things which I learned from my previous employer.