Good News: KWA WAOMBAJI WA AJIRA SERIKALINI - PSRS Portal Launch Video Conference Interviews

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The Public Service Employment Secretariat (PSRS) Portal Launch Video Conference Interviews
The Public Service Employment Secretariat has increasingly improved its services by launching a video conference after the first session held this week for some positions of Senior Executives where one of the respondents was in Mbeya region and members of the a security panel in Dar es Salaam.

Speaking to the Members of the Security Agency's TTCL Secretariat CEO Mr Kindamba has said that the Secretariat of Employment is among the Government Institutions that have decided to make a change in ensuring that it improves its services to stakeholders to reach them wherever they use technology in communication.

He noted that the action taken by the Secretariat of Employment is a priority to other institutions, first as designers, secondly saving time and cost for traveling travelers and ultimately showing patriotic awareness and deciding to use the TTCL infrastructure to run its ownership to foreign applicants es Salaam.

In turn, the Secretariat of Employment Secretariat in Public Service Mr. Xavier Daudi has said his institution is committed to ensuring that it facilitates the services around its stakeholders, including simplifying the Employment Process with a view to increasing efficiency.
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The Employment Secretariat has made many improvements since we were entrusted with the process of operating the government process, initially starting with applicants to post their applications via post and badae to change and start receiving applications online, we have now concentrated on the use of TEAM, by introducing different systems to simplify the performance of the work and increase efficiency, "said David.

David has described some of these systems as including a video conference, a Recruitment portal, a Placement Management Information System and a system. reporting information to Loss report management systems and graduates.

He added that the intention of the Secretariat is to develop systems aimed at improving efficiency, reducing the process of working on labor market from 90 to 52 days for new jobs and for those who are conserving a weekend using the employer to find the staff he needs. This action aims to maximize effectiveness in the delivery of services to citizens and to reduce the delays in job losses and to eliminate preferential attitudes because the one who has the job is the one who has the qualifications and criteria necessary and not otherwise.
It has been issued by the Government Communications Unit, the Employment Secretariat in Public Service.