Job Opportunity at FINCA Microfinance Bank, Chief Commercial Officer | Deadline: 14th February, 2019

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Jobs Tanzania: Job Opportunity at Finca Microfinance Bank, Chief Commercial Officer | Deadline: 14th February, 2019
Job Title: Chief Commercial Officer at FINCA
The Chief Commercial Officer at FINCA CCO) is a member of the core Management Board with responsibility for FINCA’s Branch network. Including the staffing, products, and procedures related to this. Specifically, the CCO will drive the development and execution of expansion strategy that enables FINCA meets its outreach goals leveraging on developments in Alternative Delivery Channels. These will include utilizing, Agency Banking services, and Cashless Sales Branch and Mobile Banking services.
In leading this process the CCO will be responsible for working with relevant teams in Operations, Banking Services, Risk and Compliance to ensure that the processes have relevant risk mitigation factors that enable FINCA to provide Responsible Banking to its internal and external stakeholders at large. The CCO will strive to ensure that FINCA presents characteristics consistent with an ethos that will win stakeholder trust, responds to client needs and remain a key player in utilizing developments in alternate delivery channels to maintain operational efficiency and profitability. As a member of the Management Team/Board, s/he shares responsibility for the overall performance and activities of FINCA and participates in making decisions on material issues.

  1. Direct Branch Expansion strategy. Strategically develops outreach and expansion plans. Identifies new markets, regions, and clients. Coordinates with COO and MB to grow the institution through careful expansion systems and plans.
  2. The CCO will lead the organization’s strategic management function in developing; implementing as well as evaluating cross-functional decisions relating to business expansion that will enable FINCA to achieve its long-term objectives
  3. Participates in the negotiation of the major project initiatives with regards to Branch network expansion. Participate in the preparation of the business plans relating to business expansion including new strategic partnerships.
  4. Responsible for leadership teams in the Branch Network; specifically Regional Managers and Branch Managers. Sets annual performance targets considering profitability, quality, and efficiency. Utilizes SMART objectives. Involves staff, team and clients input and considers business, organizational and management structures as well as market, product offerings and contingency planning. Anticipate staffing needs, participate in recruitment efforts, and attract the right people in support of growth and outreach plans. Identify, mentor and develop high potential staff members for future management roles. Retain, motivate and maximize the productivity of staff through effective leadership, mentoring, transparent communication, performance management, and career planning
  5. Working with the EXCO team and branch leadership establishes targets for effective outreach. Institutes performance and monitoring systems. Evaluates progress against business plan, budget, best practice, and FINCA standards. Provides appropriate appraisals and feedback. Ensures staff are motivated and organized to exceed performance targets. Motivates nurtures and develops staff. Trains, coaches, encourage, and mentors staff to deliver functions effectively and efficiently. Identifies and develops potential leaders and management. Considers career path and development planning. Promotes an atmosphere of teamwork encouraging a culture of equity and sensitivity to gender, class and other differences.
  6. Ensures Branches comply to internal control and regulatory policies, procedures, and systems by reviewing, developing and continually improving policies, systems and processes to comply with lending, security, human resources, and other internal and statutory requirements. Recommends appropriate changes to policy, procedures, and processes to ensure application of sound credit and risk management.

Strategic Leadership and Management for the Organization
  • Firstly, As a member of the Management Team/Board, participate in FINCA general management as defined by the Charter and the Regulation on Management Team/Board (if existing)
  • Be informed about all important activities as well as developments at FINCA
  • Also, Keep all Management Team/Board members informed about relevant issues/developments in FINCA’s operations
  • Moreover, Present relevant “Operations” issues to the Management Team/Board for information, discussion, decision making
  • Furthermore, Participate/vote in decision-making on relevant “Operations” and “Non-Operations” issues
  • Together with the EXCO members, direct the preparation of the operations plans and budgets
  • Monitor the implementation of operational, financial and institutional development plans
  • Develop and implement adequate performance reporting

Job Requirements
Knowledge & Education:
  • Firstly, Desirable: Masters Degree in Business, Finance or Economics
  • Secondly, Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics or Business Administration required or equivalent work experience,
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Job Skills
  • Firstly, Experience in developing and implementing strategic/operational plans for financial institutions,
  • Secondly, Experience in branch network and expansion strategies
  • Also, Excellent organizational, planning, analytical and problem-solving skills,
  • Furthermore, High level of customer service and strong willingness to work in the field,
  • Strong business management as well as negotiation skills,
  • Experience managing as well as motivating a large staff,
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and also, training skills,
  • Moreover, Excellent technical report writing skills and computer literacy,
  • Lastly, Fluency in regional/local language as well as English language

Customer Service
As the business leader, the CCO is responsible for delivering a superior customer experience across all FINCA service delivery channels. S/he ensures that the process of customer acquisition and service delivery across all branches and other service points is anchored on delivering a consistently superior customer experience. The CCO will for that matter strategize and plan to deliver operational service excellence and ensure that the branch workforce is capable, enabled and inspired to deliver on FINCA’s brand promise, for customer improved customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

  • Regional Managers
  • Channels Specialists
  • Relationship Managers

Leading With Integrity
  • Reinforces our brand values through daily behavior
  • Holds others accountable for ethical behavior
  • Encourages full disclosure of mistakes
  • Confronts unethical behavior quickly

Employee Engagement
  • Maintains a fulfilling work environment
  • Engages people based on their strengths
  • Mentors others to develop their skills
  • Sets clear and measurable goals
  • Provides feedback on performance regularly

Achievement Focus
  • Overcomes obstacles creatively
  • Consistently achieves business objectives
  • Recognizes and pursues opportunities
  • Takes calculated risks to achieve goals

  • Convinces others collaboration is a win-win
  • Holds people accountable to work together
  • Fosters mutual accountability to achieve results
  • Develops rapport throughout the Company

Responsible for Results
  • Firstly, Takes responsibility for own actions
  • Secondly, Manages others to focus on key priorities
  • Thirdly, Helps others overcome challenges
  • Lastly, Balances urgency with attention to detail

Recruitment & Staffing
  • Makes quality hiring decisions
  • Forecasts staffing needs accurately
  • Follows Company hiring process
  • Demonstrates the effective interviewing process

Financial Responsibility

  • Conserves organizational resources
  • Works within budget guidelines
  • Assesses ROI on expenditures
  • Adjusts allocations to take advantage of unplanned opportunities

  • Firstly, MBA degree (or equivalent) in related discipline required
  • Secondly, Banking 4 years minimum, 8 years preferred (commercial – retail)
  • Thirdly, Credit 2 years minimum, 4 years preferred
  • Also, Risk Management experience
  • Furthermore, Branch Management exposure preferred
  • Moreover, Proven people management skills (with a minimum of 5 direct reports)
  • Exposure as well as established interest, in working for poverty alleviation
  • Experience working in Microfinance an asset
  • Strategic planning exposure a must
  • Lastly, Cash flow projections
  • Fluency in English and Swahili


  1. Number of Borrowers as well as Loan Portfolio volume
  2. Volume of the Savings Portfolio (where applicable)
  3. Quality of the Loan Portfolio
  4. Branch profitability
  5. Quality of the Customer Service
  6. Moreover, People Management
  7. Lastly, New Channels initiatives

  • COO, Regional Managers, HODs, Board, Regulatory and Professional bodies
Availability to travel up to 50% of the time

Validity period: 05/12/2018 - 14/02/2019
Duty Station: Dar es Salaam, HQ
Position: Chief Commercial Officer
Department: Commercial