The Government Announced Over 1,666 Jobs at The Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) 2019

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Jobs in Tanzania 2019: The Government Announced Over 1,666 Jobs Within The Public Service 2019
The five-phase government has continued to implement its commitment to provide Employment opportunities for Tanzanians with qualifications, skills and knowledge at various levels as the need for increased resources in the government to increase efficiency in serving citizens.

Between March and April, 2019 more than 1,666 vacant positions have been announced by the Government through the Employment Secretariat in Public Service.

Speaking to various stakeholders who visited him in his office today, the Secretariat of Employment Secretariat in Public Service.  Xavier David told them that the chances that the process is in various stages are for the Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) 338, 851 drivers for Ministry, Local Government Authorities and other Government Authorities, Food and Drug Authorities  (TFDA) 50 positions, Airports Authority 119 positions, vocational training authority (VETA) 43 positions, National Institute for Transportation 26, Geological Institute and Mining Research Tanzania (GST) 25 positions and College College  Education Business Opportunities 19.

He added that another position is for the Office of the Director of Prosecutions 16 positions, the Ministry of Health 14, the Forest Services Agency 11 positions, 9 Educational Institutions 9, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) 6 positions, Institute  Tanzania Accounting Authority (TIA) 5 positions, the Major Medical Division (MSD) 3 positions, Kilimanjaro Airport Development Authority (KADCO) 2, National Construction Council (NCC) position 2, Tea Research Institute  (TRIT) position 1, Rural Electricity Agency (REA) position 1, Chief Executive Officer of Public Procurement Board (PPAA) position 1, Benjamin Mkapa Hospital 1 position, Medical and Participatory Science (MUHAS) space  1, Government Agent Agency 1 and the Dar es Salaam Institute of Space 1. AjiraLeo Tanzania
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In addition all these ads are in various stages according to the date of each ad.

Daudi added a total of 146 job opportunities for the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) which was carried out in March,

The names of the job applicants assigned to the work center are expected to be released soon.

The Secretary said that the five-phase Government is a government aimed at having qualified people to enable Tanzania to reach the middle economy quickly and that is why it has continued to provide employment permits in various areas to increase resources in pushing for the implementation of programs and strategies.  Government for the benefit of the State.

Mr Daudi explains that his office has continued to design various TEHAMA systems to increase the efficiency of work.  The new systems have helped to simplify the operation of the recruitment process as soon as possible because the number of applicants is so large as well as the resources they had but the use of TEHAMA systems in particular ‘recruitment portal isha has continued to simplify the recruitment process for each job opportunity.

“I can assure you that we have continued to improve our service delivery process by designing and improving the system of recruitment portal applications to work through the Placement Management Information System.

These systems have increased more transparency to customers and our stakeholders than ever before, our goal is to work towards goals especially by using these systems to get the best staff quickly to increase the potential of resources to employers and improve service delivery to the public ”explained Daudi.