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The Universities Act Cap.346 Section 5(1) (f) grants the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) the mandate to establish transfer procedures for students wishing to transfer from one university to another and from one programme to another.

These guidelines apply to both undergraduate and postgraduate students who intend to transfer their credits into any approved programme in our local university institutions.

Principles of credit transfer
In processing the transfer, the following principles shall apply:
(a)Institutions may enter into credit transfer arrangements provided that all such arrangements shall be along the credit accumulation and transfer requirements,
(b)Transfer may be applied to all modes of learning namely Open and Distance Learning (ODL) or conventional delivery systems, and can be applied to part-time as well as full-time study programmes,
(c)Credit transfer may take place when the institution is satisfied that a subject or a group of subjects (Modules) that have been completed at a different institution or programme are equivalent or relevant to the subject or a group of subjects in the programme that the student is about to undertake at the receiving institution,
(d)Transferring students should be aware that a core subject course or module in the releasing institution may not necessarily be a core subject, course or module in the receiving institution or vice versa
(e)Courses for transfer must have been accredited by the Commission and/ or another national accreditation body,
(f) Approval of equivalency of subjects, module, courses and credit transfer is subject to the consent of the receiving institution,
(g)Transferred students shall earn credits only for successfully completed course units or courses,
(h) Number of credits and grades earned for a course will be included in calculating Grade Points Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of students.

Conditions for Transfer
A student who intends to transfer for purposes of accumulating credits on a specific subject, module or course or part of it shall be required to fulfill the following conditions:
(i) Must have been registered in the programme to which the credit will be accumulated;
(ii) The subject, course or module intended for credit accumulation must be relevant to the programme to which the student is registered;
(iii) The subject, course or module has been successfully completed before credits can be earned;
(iv) Transfer of credits takes place within a period not exceeding five years from the time they were earned;
(v) The transfer student should have cleared all his/her supplementary examinations at the releasing institution, but can transfer carryovers;
(vi) Discontinued students are not allowed to transfer their credits; and
(vii) A student, who intends to transfer for purposes of graduating in a receiving institution, shall be required to earn at least 50% of the total credits from that institution’s core courses.

Roles of the students
The student wishing to transfer shall:
(i) Understand the institution(s) and course(s) which are available at the receiving institution;
(ii) Apply and secure a place at the receiving institution;
(iii) Understand and accept the terms and conditions regarding the sought programme;
(iv) Understand the learning environment at the receiving institution;
(v) Confirm his/her acceptance of the terms and conditions set by receiving institution; and
(vi) Notify his/her sponsor about the transfer through the receiving institution.

Roles of the releasing institution
The releasing institution shall:
(i) Facilitate the student’s transfer and provide the necessary information on the student and the programme;
(ii) Provide to receiving institution all credits earned by the transferring student; and
(iii) Provide an authentic and signed letter to receiving institution which contains relevant student’s information and reasons for transfer.

Roles of receiving institution
The receiving institution shall:
(i) Satisfy itself that the student seeking transfer had met the conditions for transfer;
(ii) Ensure that all transfer arrangements made by the releasing institution are acceptable;
(iii) Counsel the student on compliance requirements for any mismatch between the programmes;
(iv) Notify the Commission and any other relevant authority that the student has reported for studies;
(v) Submit the student’s credit transfer request with copies of academic certificates and results from releasing institution;
(vi) Submit to the Commission the credits comparison matrix which shows:
    (a) Course and credits earned from releasing institution and the year of study against those of the receiving institution;
    (b) Student’s details including full name, gender, Form four and six index numbers, nationality and nature of disability (where applicable); and
(vii) The receiving institution should communicate the transfer to TCU prior to registration to allow TCU to evaluate student’s eligibility to the programmes he/she wishes to transfer to.

Roles of TCU
The Tanzania Commission for Universities shall:
(i) Receive, evaluate and endorse the credit transfer request as submitted by the receiving institution; and
(ii) Ensure that no student is admitted and/or registered by any receiving institution before the Commission’s endorsement.
(iii) TCU will issue a written confirmation of the credits transfer request to the receiving institution.