4 New Job Vacancies Dodoma at DCMC Trust | Deadline: 21st June, 2019

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Jobs in Tanzania 2019: New Jobs Dodoma at DCMC Trust | Deadline: 21st June, 2019
The Dodoma Christian Medical Centre Trust (DCMC Trust) is a registered non-governmental organization with Christian values governed by The Board of Trustees. DCMC main offices are located at Ntyuka, Dodoma Tanzania. The mission of DCMC Trust is to provide accessible and
sustainable quality health care through a Tanzanian comprehensive health system which encompasses community based prevention and primary, secondary and selected specialized and super-specialized care. Dodoma Christian Medical Center (DCMC) has served thousands of patients through
its dental and medical clinics and community health programs with a compassion and love of Jesus Christ in collaboration with other stake holders and in line with the Government policies.

Position: Dental Surgeon II
Job Code: DCMC-HQ-01
Closing On: Friday, 21st June 2019
Category: Dental
Department: Dental
Shift: Day Shift
Location: Ntyuka – Dodoma
HospitalDodoma Christian Medical Center
Job Type:Full Time
Education: 4 Year Degree

Job Description:
Position Summary:The incumbent will diagnose and treat dental issues and help patients develop better oral hygiene regimen. S/he will meet with patients, assess their dental health, perform scheduled cleanings, handle complex procedures, such as root canals, extractions, and oral surgery, and work with other staff members, such as dental hygienists and assistants, to provide our clients with quality dental services

Duties and Responsibilities
· Conduct oral health education to patients
· Meet with patients to discuss and treat dental concerns, perform regular cleanings and other preventative procedures, and establish a plan for better dental hygiene.
· Perform dental procedures, such as extractions, root canals, and filling cavities.
· Correct bite issues and overcrowding.
· Apply helpful agents to teeth, such as sealants or whiteners.
· Prescribe medications for dental problems, such as pain medications or antibiotics.
· Give clients sedatives or anesthesia prior to administering treatments.
· Order diagnostic measures, such as x-rays, models, etc.
· Using tools, such as drills, probes, brushes, or mirrors, to examine and treat teeth and mouth.
· Keep records relating to the oral health of patients and the treatments given to them
· Attend emergency medical duties in oral health
· Carryout investigations of admitted patient
· Ensure that prescribed instructions are carried out
· Conduct minor operations on orthodontics
· Assist senior physicians/surgeons at operations
· Carry out services and participate in major ward rounds
· Supervise medical students and interns in clinical duties
· Ensure that patients are properly prepared for the surgery
· Participate fully I morning clinical sessions and patients presentation
· Participate in research activities
· Assist in conducting outreach programs
· To perform any other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned

Preferred Skills:
Qualifications and Experience:
· Holder of a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Degree from a recognized institution
· Must be registered by the Tanganyika Medical Council as a dental surgeon
· At least two (2) years working experience as a doctor of dental surgery

Position: Claims Officer
Job Code: DCMC-HQ-03-2019
Closing On: Monday, 17th June 2019
Category: Support Services
Department: Finance
Shift: Day Shift
Location: Ntyuka – Dodoma
Hospital Dodoma Christian Medical Center
Job Type: Full Time
Education: Other Diploma/Certificate
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Job Description:
The incumbent will be responsible for working with insurance claims. S/he will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including: administrating claims; coordinating with various departments to settle claims; managing and maintaining records; developing reports for statistical claims; monitoring claim trends; coordinating with insurance companies to resolve customer issues; serving as a liaison between the hospital and insurance companies; serving as an insurance expert; and making recommendations for new insurance policies. Claims administrators are also responsible for filing and maintaining accurate paperwork

Coordinate insurance process across departments, doctors, medical staff, tracking claims and reporting on aggregate metrics.
Enable quick, accurate claim submissions.to achieve sustainable, recurring cash flow improvement by Ensure Accuracy of forms to reduce rejections and rebilling, resulting in improved first-time acceptance rate
Support and mentor staff in insurance resources, standards, data, and contacts.
Review claim submissions and determine eligibility and level of coverage.
Prepare and monitor insurance budgets and report on exceptional circumstances.
File claims, enter data, and update databases with current daily information.
Handle general administrative duties such as creation of claim records, managing claim documents, scheduling and distribution of cases
Prepare source data for computer entry by compiling and sorting information; establishing entry priorities.
Process patient and account source documents by reviewing data for deficiencies; resolving discrepancies by using standard procedures or returning incomplete documents for resolution.
Verify entered patient and account data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data; combining data from both systems when account information is incomplete; purging files to eliminate duplication of data.
Maintain operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes.
Maintain patient confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential.
Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
Perform any other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned

Preferred Skills:
· Holder of Ordinary Diploma in a related field or its equivalent.
· One year relevant work experience in data entry, high attention to detail, and focus on quality
· Knowledge of medical terminology and medications
· Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment.
· Ability to decipher various forms of handwriting
· Organization, Typing, Data Entry Skills, Attention to Detail, Confidentiality, Thoroughness, Decision Making, Independence, Analyzing Information , Results Driven, Energy Level

Position: Dermatologist
Job Code: DCMC-HQ-01-2019
Closing On: Monday, 17th June 2019
Category: Medical
Department: Medical
Shift: Day Shift
Job Type:Full Time
Education: Graduate Degree

Job Description:
The incumbent will be responsible for treating an array of skin conditions from sunburn to skin cancer providing continuous medical support service to meet the needs of patients, consultants and nursing staff. The incumbent would be responsible for consultation of the patients and determining skin ailments, prescribing medication, undertaking skin therapy treatment or performing non-intrusive surgery and non-invasive surgical operations


· Offering skin consultations and evaluating patient skin conditions by screening for disease, Utilizing patient medical history as part of skin assessments.
· Prescribing medication for the treatment of skin conditions.
· Monitor the effectiveness of skin treatments and make necessary improvements or changes
· Communicate with assistants and other team members to ensure therapies are being administered properly
· Educate patients on the right ways to achieve healthy, attractive skin
· Attend conferences to network with Dermatology professionals and learn about new treatments and research
· Treat every patient with respect and compassion and ensure compliance with current medical laws and ethics
· Recommend diagnostic tests based on patients’ histories and physical examination findings
· Evaluate patients to determine eligibility for cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, laser resurfacing, and microdermabrasion
· Conduct or order diagnostic tests such as chest radiographs (x-rays), microbiologic tests, and endocrinologic tests
· Provide therapies such as intralesional steroids, chemical peels, and comodo removal to treat age spots, sun damage, rough skin, discolored skin, or oily skin
· Provide dermabrasion or laser abrasion to treat atrophic scars, elevated scars, or other skin conditions.
· Prescribe hormonal agents or topical treatments such as contraceptives, spironolactone, antiandrogens, oral corticosteroids, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, and antibiotics.
· Perform skin surgery to improve appearance, make early diagnoses, or control diseases such as skin cancer.
· Perform incisional biopsies to diagnose melanoma.
· Diagnose and treat pigmented lesions such as common acquired nevi, congenital nevi, dysplastic nevi, Spitz nevi, blue nevi, and melanoma.
· Counsel patients on topics such as the need for annual dermatologic screenings, sun protection, skin cancer awareness, or skin and lymph node self-examinations.
· Conduct complete skin examinations.
· Diagnose and treat skin conditions such as acne, dandruff, athlete’s foot, moles, psoriasis, and skin cancer
· Document all patient evaluations, treatments, medications and transactions according to hospital policies and procedures
· Analyze patient’s medical history, medication allergies, physical condition, and examination results to verify operation’s necessity and to determine best procedure
· Prescribe preoperative and postoperative treatments and procedures, such as sedatives, diets, antibiotics, and preparation and treatment of the patient’s operative area.
· Participate in major ward rounds.
· Participate and conducting research, clinical teaching of medical doctors, interns and medical students and other allied health professionals
Liaise with other medical and non-medical staff in the hospital to ensure quality treatment;
To perform any other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned
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Preferred Skills:
· Holder of Master of Medicine in Dermatovenereology or Master of Medicine (MMed) degree (Dermatology)from a recognized institution
· Must be registered by the Tanganyika Medical Council as a Medical Doctor
· At least two (2) years working experience in Dermatology

Position: Assistant Nursing Officer
Job Code: DCMC-HQ-02 – 2019
Closing On: Monday, 17th June 2019
Category: Health Care
Department: Nursing Services
Shift: Mixed Shift
Location: Ntyuka – Dodoma
HospitalDodoma Christian Medical Center
Job Type:Full Time
Education: Other Diploma/Certificate

Job Description:
The incumbent will be responsible for caring and educating the patients and their family members about early recovery and ways of prevention of diseases. S/he will assess patients’ health problems and needs, develop and execute nursing care plans, and uphold medical records.

· To provide nursing care and services to patients
· To administer medicine and treating patients as prescribed
· To collect essential medical data
· To provide health education to patients, relatives and community in general
· To supervise junior nurse cadres
· To attend regular round in the unit with the medical and nursing personnel
· To give counseling and health education to the patients and their attendants.
· To maintain cleanliness of unit its annexes and environment
· To diagnose the disease by analyzing patient’s symptoms and taking required actions for his/her recovery.
· To maintain reports of patients’ medical histories, and monitoring changes in their condition.
· To carry out the requisite treatments and medications.
· To adhere with the protocols, norms, rules and regulations in order to maintain complete medical records.
· To maintain hygienic and safe working environment in compliance with the healthcare procedures.
· To provide instant care during medical emergencies, like car accidents, burns, heart attacks and strokes.
· To provide necessary guidance on health maintenance and disease prevention.
· To prepare rooms, and decontaminate equipment and instruments.
· To assist doctors during surgery.
· To assist and take care for women during their delivery
· To take care of newly born babies, treat the complications as prescribed and educate mothers and families.
To perform any other related duties and responsibilities as may be assgned

Preferred Skills:
· Holder of a Diploma in Nursing from a recognized Nursing Training Institution
· Must be registered with Tanzania Nurses and Midwives Council of Tanzania.
· At least five (5) years working experience in nursing

· The Job Descriptions for the advertised positions will be obtained in DCMCT website. (http://www.dcmct.or.tz/careers)
· The job reference number should be clearly indicated on top of the envelope or e-mail Subject/headline
· All applications containing letter of application, copies of your academic certificates and a detailed CV with at least three referees, should be through post or e-mail (P O Box 658 Dodoma or E-mail: [email protected]).
· Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview
· No hand delivered applications will be processed for these positions

All Applications through Post should be addressed to
Dodoma Christian Medical Centre Trust
P.O. Box 658