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What Don't Pack To University

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Going to university is probably going to be your first experience with adulating. You have to be responsible for yourself – you’ll be mostly on your own. Except for the basic bedroom furniture that your university will provide in your dorm, you have to carry the things you need to make your dorm room as welcoming as possible. There are plenty of checklists of what every student should bring to the university Click Here, the things that can be left behind and the things that absolutely must be left behind! as follow below:-

Toiletries You Can Buy at Uni
You’re not moving to Mars. Don’t pack shower gel, toiletries, hair conditioners, shampoos and other toiletries that you can easily buy at university. They take up too much space in your bag and it’s easy to cross the baggage allowance limit with a dozen bottles of your favourite apple shampoo. Unless you’re entering a –

Wellington boots where it hasn’t snowed in a while
If you’re going to the northern hemisphere, you may want to prepare yourself for winter/rain with Wellington boots because the thought of wading through the snow in your trainers doesn’t sound fun.
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But make sure you’ll actually use your boots. Has it snowed in a while where you’re going? If it hasn’t, don’t bother adding to your already-strained luggage allowance. If necessary, you should be able to find inexpensive snow or rain boots where you’re going.

Fancy dress clothes for themed parties
You may want to pack that enormous witch’s hat and those heavy steampunk goggles for a themed party at your college. But you only have so much space. Why not be resourceful and make your own fancy dress for Halloween and other costume parties?

The list above covers the basics of packing for university. Of course, you’ll need to tweak the list based on your situation. Maybe you’re a minimalist who can get by with just one pair of jeans all term and your laptop. But whatever you do, don’t be the guy that brings nothing and always has to borrow everything from their roommate!

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