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8 New VOLUNTEERING Opportunities at SNV Tanzania | Deadline: 03rd November, 2019

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SNV Tanzania
Jobs in Tanzania 2019: New Volunteering Opportunities at SNV Tanzania, 2019
Job Title: Volunteers (8 Posts) 
Job Summary
The volunteers will be placed at project boundary partners’ stations in the dairy and sunflower markets systems. The boundary partners in the dairy market systems and their locations in brackets are Kilimanjaro Dairy Cooperatives Joint Enterprises KDCJE Ltd (Boma Ngombe in Hai district) and Tanzania Milk Processors Association TAMPA (Dar es Salaam). On the other hand, the boundary partners in sunflower markets systems and their locations in brackets are Mbeya Sunflower Oil Processors - MBESOPA (Mbeya city), Mbeya Business Councils (Mbeya city), Sumbawanga Women SMEs (Sumbawanga town DC), Mwambani AMCOs (Songwe DC), Mishamo AMCOs (Mpanda DC) and Sunflowers Farmers Association SUFA (Dodoma).
  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Volunteer, internship
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description
Name of assignment - BP Capacity Building Support
Terms of reference title  - Volunteer Capacity Building Support
Sector and Program - Agriculture Sector
Project - Transforming Agricultural Markets TAM
Geographical focus - Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Dodoma, Mbeya, Songwe, Rukwa and Katavi regions
Proposed start date - 15th November, 2019
Proposed end date -15th June, 2020
Open to: Volunteers (8 positions) 1 Dar es Salaam, 1 Bomang’ombe, 1 Dodoma, 2 Mbeya, 1 Songwe, 1 Rukwa, 1 Katavi

1.0. Introduction
SNV is implementing a two-year project called Transforming Agricultural Markets (TAM), which started in August 2018, and is funded by UKAID. The TAM project aims to improve livelihoods and economic opportunity for smallholder farmers by empowering them to effect changes in the dairy and sunflower market systems through engaging with government and private sector stakeholders. The Capacity Building volunteer is expected to focus on providing support in increasing technical capacity of the project boundary and strategic partners which will enhance knowledge sharing, learning, debating and collective action from dairy and sunflower stakeholders and also increase responsiveness from the government. This in a long term will improve the sub-sectors’ competitiveness and increase employment opportunities and income for dairy and sunflower smallholder farmers. 

2.0. Background
SNV, Netherlands Development Organization is an international, not-for-profit, development organization, working in 36 of the poorest countries worldwide, including 17 countries in Sub Saharan Africa. We focus on achieving impact in Agriculture; Energy; and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. By sharing our specialist expertise in Agriculture; Energy; and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, our global team of local and international advisors works with local partners to equip communities, businesses and organisations with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services– empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and guide their own development.

The TAM project Theory of Change is that by working with citizens, private sector and government at sub-national level on specific, actor-led systems issues to produce data and facilitate stakeholder analysis the project can broaden understanding, build consensus, and strengthen accountability relationships for collective action to:
i) make existing policies work at the local level
ii) Provide empirical and written evidence for national level policy dialogue and reforms.
The project aims at achieving the following impact and outcomes:
Impact: Improved and inclusive access to basic services, and strengthened business environment for sunflower and dairy small holders and agribusinesses.
Outcomes: Increased Responsiveness of government to the issues of SHFs and SMEs.
Increased collective actions of the stakeholders for the improvement of access to basic services, entitlements and business environment.

The project is being implemented in two market systems; dairy and sunflower markets systems to achieve its intended impact and outcomes. Various boundary and strategic partners have been identified and engaged in these two market systems to carry out interventions which addresses actor-led issues in a responsive and accountable manner to enhance delivery of basic services and strengthen the business environment. The boundary and strategic partners include SHF organisations, LGAs and national government institutions, and SMEs (processors and inputs providers). These partners are involved in addressing issues in the 4 key results areas. The areas for increased responsiveness and accountability relations are, functional cooperatives and harmonisation of regulations in the dairy market system, whereas contract farming and women access to finance in the sunflower market system. The boundary and strategic partners were strengthened by the project with a range of capacity building interventions in order to address governance bottlenecks and constraints which limit the delivery of services and conducive business environment in the 4 key results areas.

In addition to capacity strengthening, the project supports the boundary and strategic partners in enhancing their voices to communicate key messages to a wider public in order to raise awareness about what is transpiring in the market systems, to advocate and lobby for good governance especially accountability in the delivery of services and enhancing conducive business enabling environment.
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3.0. Objective and purpose of the assignment
The objective of the assignment is strengthened capacity of boundary and strategic partners to address governance issues which constrain the dairy and sunflower market systems, through collective action. The purpose of the assignment is to support to boundary and strategic partners to promote and document collective action processes which address market constraints, using an outcome mapping approach. 

4.0. Scope of work
The volunteers will be placed at project boundary partners’ stations in the dairy and sunflower markets systems. The boundary partners in the dairy market systems and their locations in brackets are Kilimanjaro Dairy Cooperatives Joint Enterprises KDCJE Ltd (Boma Ngombe in Hai district) and Tanzania Milk Processors Association TAMPA (Dar es Salaam). On the other hand, the boundary partners in sunflower markets systems and their locations in brackets are Mbeya Sunflower Oil Processors - MBESOPA (Mbeya city), Mbeya Business Councils (Mbeya city), Sumbawanga Women SMEs (Sumbawanga town DC), Mwambani AMCOs (Songwe DC), Mishamo AMCOs (Mpanda DC) and Sunflowers Farmers Association SUFA (Dodoma).

To realize the objective the volunteer is required to undertake the following scope of work:
• Facilitating the planning and validating of BP work plans
• Coordinating the Media for development activities which promote collective action
• Facilitating the use and validation of the OJ tool of each BP
• Providing support for facilitating dialogues between the stakeholders and the government
• Facilitating documentation of significant governance changes
• Planning and organizing internal (BP) learning and knowledge sharing sessions
• Regular updating of the project media file
• Facilitating the development of monthly action plans and then follow-up their implementation
• Preparing weekly reports on progress of BP behavioral change
• Requesting and processing Mpesa payments approvals,
• Preparing and submitting the end of the assignment report (Format: Introduction, methodology, key findings, conclusions and recommendation. Also include annexes. 

5.0. Methodology
The volunteer will propose a methodology for the assignment and provide justification of the proposed methodology. It is suggested that the methodology should include, but is not limited to the following:
i. Face-to-face discussions with key TAM project staff to create a common understanding on the assignment and its deliverables and to develop weekly plans.
ii. A desktop review of relevant project and sector documents.
iii. Preparation and facilitation of meetings and discussions with the boundary partners and strategic partner and National Task Force members using interactive and participatory approaches. 

6.0. Time Frame, deliverables and reporting
6.1 Timeframe
The assignment period is for a total period not exceeding 7 months, delivered within the period 15th November, 2019 and 15th June, 2020.
6.2 Deliverables
i. Semi-annual and monthly reports on progress of behavioural change
ii. Semi-annual and monthly updated OJs of each BP
iii. Monthly work plan
iv. Updated Project media file
6.3 Reporting
The volunteer will work under the supervision and direction of and report to the TAM M&E Advisor. 

7.0 Competence required
The volunteer must clearly demonstrate skills and experience for this assignment in:
• Bachelor degree in a development related field
• Solid experience working under minimum supervision
• Proficient in Microsoft office package
• At least 2 years of experience; working in the development field in East Africa, including Tanzania
• Experience in M&E may be an added advantage
• Proven ability to produce high quality analysis and documentation

8.0 Selection criteria for engagement (Please click the link below to get more details on this criteria)

9.0 Applicants are requested to submit:
A. CV, clearly outlining relevant tasks and assignments of a similar nature
B. Details of at least 3 assignments conducted by the volunteer in similar work in the past 24 months.
C. Volunteer must provide relevant contact details for each contracting firm or employer.
D. Certified copies of Qualifications referenced in the CV 

How to Apply?
Please manually apply for this job using the details below:
Please submit your Expression of Interest entitled “Volunteer CB Support – TAM Project” in the subject
line and email to: [email protected] no later than 17:00 hrs on Monday 03rd November, 2019.