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New Job Vacancy in emPOWerED Project at CVM/APA Tanzania - Researcher

  AjiraLeo Tanzania       Friday 3 December 2021
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CVM/APA Tanzania
Brief description of emPOWerED project

CVM/APA is a Tanzanian NGO based in Bagamoyo and Morogoro supporting local communities and engaging them in activities promoting sustainable social development. This project specifically will be implemented both in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, targeting direct and indirect beneficiaries from all over the country, in partnership with CHODAWU, IDWF and CWM.

The overall aim of the project is to contribute to the increase of the quality of life of local and migrant Domestic Workers (DWs), to promote dignity and confidence and to obtain decent work conditions within a recognized legal framework.

To achieve this, the project will work with a multi-level approach addressing gaps and needs of DWs on three levels:
1) Institutional level
2) Civil Society level
3) Community level

The multi-stakeholder approach is aimed at facilitating alliances between different actors and consists of organising national and regional meetings and workshops to define together strategies and tools for the protection and safeguarding of the rights of DWs. The effectiveness of the multi-stakeholder approach depends on solid research regarding migrant and local DWs: in Tanzania, the research will focus on patterns of DWs migration. This research will provide the information required by the multi-stakeholder dialogue structures to design a special law/regulation for domestic work. This approach will help address the causes and effects of the problems from a system perspective.

Objectives of the research
The research aims at:

● analysing existing policies addressing national and international migration/domestic work
● outlining the profile of both internal and international migrant domestic workers
● identifying factors of migration, stages of migration and facilitators
● documenting the regions with higher migration flows
● identifying the main regions and countries of destination and travel routes
● build an estimate of the number of national and international migrant DWs
● providing an overview of the average steps taken by DWs during the migration cycle and identifying the migration facilitators
● identifying the average salary of both countries of destination and internal regions within Tanzania (in order to understand why some areas even within Tanzania are of higher interest for DWs’ work than others)
● understanding the no. of DWs in contact with CHODAWU – both internal and international migrants

Research scope and method

Within this general framework, CVM (Comunità Volontari per il Mondo), will pursue a line of research both in Tanzania and in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba) with the local partners CHODAWU and IDWF and supervised the University of Dar Es Salaam. The research activities must produce quantitative and qualitative data useful to support the project activities and to present recommendations to institutions and civil society actors for the empowerment of female migrant domestic workers (internal and international) in improving their lives and human rights.

This is in order to understand how these women are impacted by migration, with a qualitative rather than quantitative approach in terms of research and analysis methodology in regards to this impact, as well as how many these women are.

The proposed research consultancy has a twofold objective:

  • To deepen the knowledge of the overall framework of the flow of domestic workers’ migratory routes and numbers from rural to urban cities and international migration, as well as how and by whom they have been assisted, document conditions of internal and international migrations and the impact of labor conditions;
  • To advance proposals to enhance their migratory flow and work conditions, protection in the workplace in the country and internationally.

Expected Tasks
In collaboration with CVM Coordinator and the local partners (mentioned above), the research consultant is expected to accomplish the followings tasks:
  • Proposal and delivery of the methodology that will be adopted for the qualitative fieldwork activities (team building, location for interviewees, timesheet of the activities, etc.);
  • Elaboration of the research tools (questionnaires for face to face interviews, guidelines for the focus group, collection of studies, etc..);
  • Realization of 120 interviews + 6 focus groups (FG) – (20 interviews and one FG for each targeted group of women plus interviews to 10 families in total if possible – father and/or mother – and at least 10 qualitative interviews with key actors and informants (researchers and Tanzanian/Zanzibar Ministries in charge of Labor Law migration and domestic workers empowerment, ILO and IOM, NGOs, financial intermediaries, Banks and microfinance institutions, etc..)[1]. The interviews should be conducted in Bagamoyo and Chalinze (20 interviews, 1 FG) areas for Pwani region, Morogoro municipality (20 interviews 1 focus group), Iringa Municipality (20 interviews 1 focus group), Stone Town (Unguja) (30 interviews 1 focus group) and Chake Chake (Pemba) (30 interviews 1 focus group) in order to also make a comparison between metropolitan/big city versus rural/small city opportunities for returnees;
  • Delivery of a first draft and final report of the research, the latter comprehensive of an executive summary;
  • Support to dissemination activities (organization of one-day workshops).
The study will focus on domestic worker’s empowerment and labour conditions, including internal and international migrants.
The study will have a sample size of at least 50 domestic workers and 50 migrant domestic workers

Geographical focus

The sample areas will be Morogoro, Pwani and Iringa regions (considering capital city areas only) and the semi-autonomous country of Zanzibar Archipelago (Unguja and Pemba).
  • Morogoro and Iringa INTERNAL MIGRATION
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Key skills and experience required
  • At least master’s degree in Law, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, or all other related fields;
  • English and Swahili fluency required, with excellent presentation and written skills in both languages;
  • Effective communication and networking skills;
  • Ability to collaborate with and collect information from a wide range of actors, including through structured interviews, questionnaires, surveys or focus groups;
  • Proven experience in coordination of at least 2 research programmes in cooperation with NGOs and Universities;
  • Proficiency in research design, research report writing and source analysis;
  • High professionalism, detail oriented and problem-solving;
  • Ability to multitask, independent, well-organized, with strong initiative;
  • Demonstrated ability to produce technical analysis and actionable recommendations to stakeholders;
  • Excel proficiency;
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a. Methodological proposal and tools elaboration: 15 December 2021
b. Testing the tools and launch of the fieldwork activities (interviews and focus groups): 10 January 2021
c. Deliverance of the draft report: 25 February 2022
d. Final report: 10 March 2022
e. All of the above is under the supervision of the Sociology Department of Dar Es Salaam University and requires her approval

Budget and payment schedule
The payment will be established according to candidate experience and background.
According to the CVM procedures and rules and regulations.
All costs (included but not limited to transportation, communications, accommodations) will be covered by the consultant.

The research coordinator will report monthly to University of Dar Es Salaam Sociology Department and CVM/APA the advancement of the work through Skype conference and e-mail exchange.
CVM/APA will hold a kick-off meeting with partners in the middle of December, in order to start.

How to apply

Deadline for submission:

We reserve the right to close this vacancy early if a suitable candidate is found. Applications (CV and cover letter including three references) should be sent to with object JOB CVM research.
Please notice that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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