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New Job Vacancy United Nations (UN) at UNHCR Tanzania - Snr Reset & Complem Pathws Off

  AjiraLeo Tanzania       Friday, 18 November 2022
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Jobs in Tanzania 2022: New Job Vacancies at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Tanzania 2022


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Jobs
Snr Reset & Complem Pathws Off
Kasulu, Tanzania
time type Full time
job requisition id JR2204792
Hardship Level D
Family Type Family

Standard Job Description
Senior Resettlement and Complementary Pathways Officer Organizational Setting and Work Relationships The position of Senior Resettlement and Complementary Pathways Officer may be based in Country Operations, Regional Bureaux or Headquarters. The incumbent's primary role is to provide, in close coordination with the Resettlement and Complementary Pathways Service, relevant Bureau and other concerned sections in the field and HQ, continuous support within in his/her Area of Responsibility (AOR) ensuring that resettlement and complementary pathways for admission policies are correctly implemented and assist UNHCR in establishing comprehensive protection and solutions strategies. She/he contributes to policy development, revising and developing resettlement and complementary pathways methodologies and systems, support for complementary pathways development and implementation, monitoring procedural compliance, integrity and quality of resettlement case submissions, staff training as well as assisting the regional management of resettlement and complementary pathways operations, resources allocation and coordination of resettlement and complementary pathways activities involving governments and non-governmental organisations. The incumbent performs an important function in providing policy and operational advice on Resettlement and Complementary Pathways for admission matters to internal and external, interlocutors. Additionally, she/he takes part in assessing cases for resettlement and complementary pathways, conducting interviews, particularly for complex and sensitive cases. The role of the incumbent also involves managerial responsibilities in supervising staff, managing resources and implementing broader organisational objectives and priorities. The responsibility entails negotiating with countries the design and development of resettlement and complementary pathways programmes and coordinating dialogue on resettlement and complementary pathways related issues to bring about global/regional coherence and synergy to make resettlement and complementary pathways both strategic as well as responsive to the needs of people of concern to UNHCR. All UNHCR staff members are accountable to perform their duties as reflected in their job description. They do so within their delegated authorities, in line with the regulatory framework of UNHCR which includes the UN Charter, UN Staff Regulations and Rules, UNHCR Policies and Administrative Instructions as well as relevant accountability frameworks. In addition, staff members are required to discharge their responsibilities in a manner consistent with the core, functional, cross-functional and managerial competencies and UNHCR's core values of professionalism, integrity and respect for diversity.
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Note that regional duties reflected below will only apply for positions located in regional bureaux.
- In close coordination with other entities within the Bureau and country offices, ensure measures to prevent, detect and respond to instances of fraud in the resettlement and complementary pathways processes, and are comprehensively and consistently implemented across the region. - Places allocated for resettlement and complementary pathways are used efficiently and effectively and targets are met at the country and regional level if appropriate. - Stay abreast and analyse the implications of political, legal, social and economic developments in the AOR and provide advice/recommendations on policy/strategic approaches to further UNHCR objectives with respect to resettlement and complementary pathways for admission. - Manage a consultative process within the AOR including country operations (if applicable), partners and other stakeholders to: i) identify and analyse resettlement and complementary pathways challenges, trends and gaps; and ii) develop and implement a resettlement and complementary pathways strategy. - Ensure that the strategy addresses the specific protection needs of women and men, children, youth and older persons, persons with disabilities, minority groups such as sexual minorities (AGD) and persons living with HIV/AIDS. - Review and provide feedback and advice on their resettlement and complementary pathways strategies and priorities, to ensure that they are coherent and consistent with the AOR strategy and fully integrated into country operations plans and that the necessary resources are allocated to address resettlement and complementary pathways gaps across the AOR. - Promote, disseminate and strengthen understanding and capacity for and monitor the implementation of UNHCR's global resettlement and complementary pathways policies, procedures and guidelines in the AOR. - Monitor and provide advice to country offices on resettlement and complementary pathways policies, procedures, guidelines and activities as well as in implementing standard operating procedures related to resettlement and complementary pathways. - Contribute to policy development, revising and refining resettlement and complementary pathways methodologies and systems. - Provide guidance and advice on policies, protection standards and procedures for complementary pathways for admission. - Review and provide timely feedback and guidance on resettlement submissions to harmonize quality and consistency of resettlement delivery. - Conduct periodic field missions to review and provide advice and guidance on the quality and consistency of resettlement submissions, decisions and activities. - In cooperation with field offices, identify, interview, assess resettlement needs, and process cases identified for resettlement (mainly complex and sensitive cases) and provide counselling to individuals. - Guide and support government officials and partners undertaking resettlement and complementary pathways related missions to the AOR. - In close coordination with Headquarters, promote mechanisms for preventing and responding to fraud in resettlement and complementary pathways activities to maintain the integrity of the processes in the AOR. - Negotiate with resettlement countries the design and development of resettlement programmes and/or complementary pathways for admission in close consultation with the Headquarters. - Manage a two-way communication process to ensure that persons of concern and partners receive up-to-date and accurate information on UNHCR's resettlement and complementary pathways policies and procedures. Ensure mechanism for accountability and effective feedback are in place. - Ensure the production of up-to-date and accurate statistics and analytical reports on resettlement and complementary pathways, updates and briefing notes, including with regard to the trends, the region¿s performance in meeting resettlement targets, challenges and responses. - Coordinate, in close consultation with Headquarters, to collect resettlement and complementary pathways related information for external publications. - For the AOR assess training needs, draw training plan and strategy and deliver resettlement complementary pathways related training to UNHCR staff, partners and other stakeholders as required. - Contribute to a communications strategy that generates support for UNHCR's operations from external partners ensuring resettlement and complementary pathways positive protection outcomes are showcased when appropriate. - Approve, if applicable, the regional and country resettlement and complementary pathways strategies for endorsement by the Regional Representative or Headquarters. - Take review decisions on individual cases and approve resettlement submissions/withdrawals/resubmissions. - Approve expenditures under the UNHCR resettlement and complementary pathways budget. - Negotiate locally with resettlement and/or complementary pathways countries and as appropriate with host government on behalf of UNHCR. - Represent UNHCR's resettlement and complementary pathways positions with resettlement and other third countries, with host government and in regional fora. - Enforce compliance with, and integrity of, resettlement standard operating procedures across the AOR. - Ensure that UNHCR's facilitation role on complementary pathways for admission takes into account relevant protection considerations and safeguards. - Perform other related duties as required.
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Minimum Qualifications
Years of Experience / Degree Level
For P4/NOD - 9 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 8 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 7 years relevant experience with Doctorate degree

Field(s) of Education
Political Science; Social Sciences; International Law, including International Public Law; International Refugee Law; International Human Rights Law; Refugee and Forced Migration; Law; International Relations or other relevant field. International Public Law; (Field(s) of Education marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Certificates and/or Licenses
Protection Learning Programme; RSD-Resettlement Learning Programme; MLP; (Certificates and Licenses marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Relevant Job Experience
Graduate degree (equivalent of Master¿s) in International Law, International Relations, Political Science, Social Sciences or related fields of discipline plus 8 years (of professional work experience relevant to refugee protection works, of which 5 years in an international capacity: undergraduate degree (equivalent of a BA/BS) plus 9 years or Doctorate degree (equivalent of a PhD) plus 7 years of previous relevant work experience may also be accepted.

Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English. Knowledge of another official UN language. Ability to understand and implement UNHCR's policy and global strategic priorities, such as AGDM, IDP, Statelessness, and HIV/AIDS, in the area of responsibility at appropriate level. Knowledge of and an experience with regular migration frameworks and/or complementary pathways for admissions of refugees. Good IT skills including database management skills. Completion of the Protection Learning Programme, RSD-Resettlement Learning Programme, MLP.

Functional Skills
PR-Refugee Resettlement programs PR-Resettlement Anti-Fraud Policy and Procedures PR-Mixed migratory movement management DM-Database Management (Functional Skills marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Language Requirements
For International Professional and Field Service jobs: Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English. For National Professional jobs: Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English and local language. For General Service jobs: Knowledge of English and/or UN working language of the duty station if not English. All UNHCR workforce members must individually and collectively, contribute towards a working environment where each person feels safe, and empowered to perform their duties. This includes by demonstrating no tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse, harassment including sexual harassment, sexism, gender inequality, discrimination and abuse of power. As individuals and as managers, all must be proactive in preventing and responding to inappropriate conduct, support ongoing dialogue on these matters and speaking up and seeking guidance and support from relevant UNHCR resources when these issues arise. This is a Standard Job Description for all UNHCR jobs with this job title and grade level. The Operational Context may contain additional essential and/or desirable qualifications relating to the specific operation and/or position. Any such requirements are incorporated by reference in this Job Description and will be considered for the screening, shortlisting and selection of candidates.

Desired Candidate Profile
Required languages (expected Overall ability is at least B2 level):
Desired languages

Operational context
Occupational Safety and Health Considerations:
To view occupational safety and health considerations for this duty station, please visit this link:

Nature of Position:
Reporting to the Deputy Representative (Protection) the incumbent will: ' In conjunction with Protection Officers and other stakeholders identify and process cases for resettlement ' Make submissions ensuring that the quota provided in filled ' Manage Resettlement expectations and endeavour to detect and address cases of resettlement fraud ' Conduct period in missions to other locations in the operation where resettlement needs are identified ' Approve resettlement submissions as well as withdrawals ' With the help of Protection officers in the operation, conduct protection needs assessments and may lead to the identification of cases in need of resettlement ' Represent UNHCR all resettlement and complimentary pathways fora ' Negotiate with resettlement countries accredited to the operation expedited submissions for resettlement ' Explore complementary pathways for admission that may include, but not limited to the following: ' Humanitarian admission programmes,for persons in need international protection with effective protection in a third country; ' Community sponsorships for refugees, ' Provision of humanitarian visas, ' Family reunification for family members, including those for extended family members; ' Labour mobility schemes, with the right to either permanent or temporary residence; ' Education programmes, including private and community or institution-based scholarships, traineeships, and apprenticeship programmes; ' Other safe and regulated avenues distinct from those mentioned that may enable refugees be admitted to third countries. ' Perform other duties as directed by Supervisor.

Living and Working Conditions:
Field Office Kasulu is located in the Kigoma Region and it is approximately 1500 kms away from the Regional Economic City of Dar Es Salaam, and some 55 kms from the Tanzania/Burundi border. The total district area is estimated at 9,324 square kilometers. It is located at an altitude of 1,400 to 1,800 meters above sea level with atmospheric temperatures ranging 15.5 to 26 degrees centigrade depending on the season. UNHCR FO Kasulu has constructed 10 residential houses located in two compounds for international staff members. The ¿Old Staff Compound which is located less than 1 kilometer from the main office has 6 residential houses for international staff; and the new staff compound just adjacent to the office contains 4 houses. IUNVs are mostly sharing accommodation, with separate bed and bathrooms. Although basic, the houses are fully furnished with needed furniture as well as mosquito-nets, kitchen. Because the houses do not contain air conditioners, coping with the dust during the dry season is a challenge. The PAMA telephone facility is available in all the staff houses and can be used to communicate internationally using assigned PIN Codes. The office has also extended the provision of internet facility to the residences as well as satellite TV (DSTV) in their accommodations, although the DSTV is paid for at their own cost. However, UNHCR owned houses are not enough for all international staff, some are renting houses in the town. Kasulu offers a limited choice of food and other items which means that internationally recruited staff often have to rely on visits to Kigoma or elsewhere in order to cover basic needs. There are no duty free shops or supermarkets. Due to the lack of basic facilities, families of staff members (national and international) are mostly living elsewhere even though Kasulu is classified to be a family duty station. Recreation facilities in Kasulu are very basic. Kigoma, which is the closest town (96 kms by road), is not easily accessible as staff members have to rely on UN vehicles and those wishing to travel have make their own private arrangement for the use of vehicle. Alternatively public transport to Kigoma Town is available through the local taxis and minibuses.

Additional Qualifications

HCR Management Learning Program - UNHCR, HCR Protection Learning Program - UNHCR, HCR Resettlement Learning Program - UNHCR

Work Experience
Annual Budget OL in Operation/Office, Number of Persons of Concern Served, Number of Workforce in Operation/Work Setting, Workforce to Supervise, Working with Persons of Concern: Others of Concern, Working with Persons of Concern: Refugees
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Accountability, Client & results orientation, Commitment to continuous learning, Communication, Empowering & building trust, Judgement & decision making, Leadership, Managing performance, Managing resource, Organizational awareness, Planning & organizing, Policy research & development, Political awareness, Strategic planning & visions, Teamwork & collaboration

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Functional clearance
This position doesn't require a functional clearance
Job Posting End Date December 15, 2022

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