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Top Mistakes to Avoid when Writing Your First Comic

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Top Mistakes to Avoid when Writing Your First Comic
If this is your first time writing a graphic novel, then you are certainly prone to making mistakes. The
thing is that we all do mistakes, and there is absolutely no shame in it. Mistakes are part of the process – we just have to ensure that we learn from the mistakes and don’t repeat them.

To make things easier for you, we have made a list of some of the common mistakes to avoid when
writing your first comic.
Read on to learn more.

Taking up a Huge Project
The first mistake that you will want to avoid is going too big with your first comic. Here is what typically happens – when newbie comic writers attempt to write their first comic, they tackle a huge project before mastering the fundamentals of comic script writing.
In a nutshell – you need to start small with smaller scripts and slowly and gradually work your way up to magnum opus.
You get the point – as a newbie comic writer, you will want to start small.

Too Much Dialogue
Another potential mistake that many newbie comic writers make is including too much dialogue on the
It is not just newbie comic writers who make this mistake – even seasoned writers from other mediums
that have moved over to comics – still make this mistake as well.

Too Many Splash Pages
Another potential mistake that many newbie comic writers make is putting too many splash pages in the
comic. That said, one has to be mindful of the number of splash pages one is placing in the comic, as one wouldn’t want to aim at overkilling.

So, if you find yourself including two splash pages in a 24-page comic, you might want to re-look at your plot and instead opt for adding another scene.
Just remember that splash pages in a comic are there for an impact. They are there for a massive punch
when we are in the middle of a fight scene, a twist, or a shock.
So, the more you use the splash page, the less dramatic those splash pages will be.

Too Many Panels
On the flip side of the too many splash pages, we have too many panels. Understandably, there are
amazing comics out there that probably have a nine-panel page. But as a newbie writer, you will want to be mindful of the number of panels.

Many newbie writers make the mistake of putting up too many panels on the page. They tend to put so
many details in all these panels, which does not collaborate well. As a newbie comic writer, you will
want to start slow and not include more than six panels on a page.

Rest assured, come up with an amazing script and leave the rest to the best graphic novel illustrator. By
opting for fewer panels, you will not only be happy, but your collaborators will also be happy.
Believe us – your comic will look a lot better.

Not Sticking to a Single Action
A very common mistake that newbie comic writers make is not sticking to one single action within a
panel of a comic. So, when it comes to writing a script for a panel, you will want to stick to one action
Don’t make the mistake of making your character walk into the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, sit down,
and sip on the coffee – there is simply too much action going on. You get the point – one action for one
panel alone.

So, what you will want to do while writing the description for a panel is that as soon as you even think
about writing the words – stick to one action alone – and then move on to the next panel. Remember –
different actions go into different panels.

And if you are struggling with this, you need to go back to your plot and look at how you have plotted
your comic. Assess the way you are breaking down those pages, and be mindful when writing the
description for each panel.

Since you have an entire team collaborating with you to get the comic published, you will want to
ensure that you mark how many panels will be on a page.

Not Knowing How to Collaborate
As a newbie comic writer, you must keep in mind that you will collaborate with an entire team. Don’t be rude, and don’t make irrational demands. You should know that, in the end, it all comes down to

So, when you are speaking to any of your collaborators – make sure to be respectful. When it comes to
your team, there are many people involved – you have the artists, the inkers, the colorist, and the
editors – you name it.
Without your team, the only thing that you have are words. And, of course, you cannot do much with
words alone.

Tips to Complete Your First Comic Project Fast
Now that you know what you shouldn’t do let us talk about some points that will help you in making the comic.
There are a couple of things that you can focus on to complete your comics fast. For instance, you will
want to simplify your characters. As a comic writer, you should know when and where to cut corners.
Also, you might want to put max effort into every panel, shot, animated element, etc.

As a newbie comic writer, you will be struggling with pacing. The underlying tip is to use action and
problems to speed things up but use dialogue and rest to kind of slow things down.
An excellent time to use dialogue and rest your description between actions is while your characters are

Also, you will want to understand the simple fact that you will need help. You cannot do everything on
your own. You will need to hire someone if you don’t want to cut corners and finish your project on a set deadline.
You will need to assess your weak points and see where you might need some help. For instance, if the
backgrounds are taking you forever, you might want to consider hiring a background artist.

Thanks for reading Top Mistakes to Avoid when Writing Your First Comic

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