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People and Culture Director at World Vision International Tanzania February, 2023

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World Vision International
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People and Culture Director

  • Arusha, Tanzania
time type Full time
job requisition id R17368
With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.
Come join our 34,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!
Key Responsibilities:
Strategy development and execution (20%)
  • Provide strategic guidance and input to the senior leadership team in the alignment and execution of the National Office Strategy and business plans with Our Promise.
  • Develop and implement the People and Culture (P&C) business plan in support of and in alignment with country, regional, and global strategic priorities.
  • Spearhead the monitoring and reporting of People & Culture metrics related to talent acquisition, development, retention, partnering for performance, employee engagement, and organizational leadership.
  • Serve and contribute as a member of the Crisis Management Team to ensure the safety and security of staff and to make sure responses are well-resourced and staff is cared for adequately.
  • Serve as a member of the National Disaster Management Team, as applicable
  • Serve as a member of the Governance, People, and Culture Board Committee and other relevant strategic committees as required.
End Results
  • P&C guidance on National Office Strategy alignment, business plan development and execution.
  • P&C strategy and annual business plan in alignment with global, regional and national strategic priorities.
  • P&C metrics monitored and reported for efficiency on talent acquisition, development, retention, performance management, employee engagement, and organizational leadership.
  • Active and well-functioning Crisis management and National Disaster management teams with active participation and contribution from P&C.

Promoting Leadership quality and sustainability (15%)
  • Build the capacity, depth, and breadth of National Office and Project teams’ leadership in order to meet World Vision’s evolving leadership needs, drive Our Promise, and enable transformational mindsets and behaviors.
  • Identify and nurture globally, regionally, and in-country mobile talent to support leadership and career development, succession planning, and retention of high potential managers and leaders in fragile and conflict areas, and prepare a pipeline for future grant leadership.
  • Design and spearhead the development of staff capacity, including mindsets and behaviors, to work effectively in fragile contexts.
  • Design and execute an orientation and onboarding strategy that will enable staff to understand Our Promise and its implications on World Vision’s work in different contexts.
End Results
  • Leadership needs to be addressed.
  • Mindset and behaviors transformed to realize Our Promise 2030.
  • Succession planning and Talent management in place.
  • Potential successors for core and critical positions and HIPOs for future leaders identified and systematically nurtured.
  • Staff capacity fully developed with a changed mindset and behaviors to meet organizational needs.
  • Orientation strategy in place that helps new staff to understand and align with Our Promise, fragile contexts program and grants management.
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Ensuring Staff engagement and well-being (15%)
  • Maximize staff well-being to enable staff to embrace the opportunities and challenges in meeting Our Promise. Contextualize, promote and support systems, services and programs for staff well-being.
  • Execute the Our Voice survey and leverage the results to enhance Staff and Organisational Well-being. Together with the senior leadership team, plan and drive measurable improvements in Organisational Leadership, Culture, Agility and Effectiveness.
  • Strengthen the quality of Staff Care and Peer Support interventions, especially in fragile, response and conflict areas.
  • Identify the organisational culture gaps and plan culture change interventions to promote leadership and staff mindset & behaviour changes to deliver our promise to the most vulnerable children.
  • Design and execute compensation and benefits strategy, systems and processes in alignment to Our Promise that enables the organisation to attract and retain required staff for fragile contexts.
End Results
  • Improved staff well-being.
  • Contextualized support systems, services and programs for staff well-being.
  • Our Voice survey executed annually.
  • Action plans developed and executed on organisational leadership, culture, agility and effectiveness.
  • Staff care and peer support interventions in fragile, response and conflict areas.
  • Cultural change interventions developed and executed to promote mindset and behaviour changes of staff to deliver Our Promise.
  • Compensation and benefits strategy, systems, and processes in alignment with Our Promise.

Promoting Accountability and performance culture (15%)
  • Lead structure realignment processes to match program requirements, including pre-positioning for emergency responses.
  • Spearhead the partnering for the performance process.
  • Review and contextualize global and regional P&C Policies to National Office P&C policies for international assignees and national staff and ensure alignment with Country labour laws.
  • Ensure people management risks are identified and the organisation regularly reviews and implements adequate risk mitigation measures for fragile, conflict, and response areas.
  • Provide leadership in educating staff on employee relations and investigations protocol and ensure cases are managed confidentially and promptly.
  • Promote a culture of faith literacy and awareness of diversity. Encourage staff Christian formation, and spiritual nurture and promote principles for effective interfaith engagement in multi-faith contexts, as appropriate.
End Results
  • Program Growth, downsizing, and pre-positioning for emergencies are done well.
  • Spiritual formation for Christian Leaders. Inter-faith training for all staff.
  • A culture of diversity and unity is visible in the organisation.
  • Partnering for performance management process in place.
  • On-going Performance and career conversations are in place at all levels.
  • Approved IA and National staff P&C policies, systems, and processes in compliance with national labour laws.
  • Reviewed and updated risk registers. Risk mitigation measures in place
  • Staff fully aware of Ethics point.
  • IIM cases are uploaded and appropriately managed.

Developing Capable and available workforce (15%)
  • Spearhead the acquisition and prepositioning of a diverse and talented workforce using workforce planning
  • Ensure that the National Office recruitment policy, system, and processes are well established for acquiring talent with the required competencies, mindsets, and behaviors required to realize Our Promise.
  • Ensure monitoring and reporting systems for national & international hires are effectively managed.
  • Promote gender diversity through appropriate identification of talent at all levels.
End Result
  • WorkforceWorkforce planning in place.
  • Effective staff acquisition and retention.
  • Well-designed recruitment policy, systems, and processes to attract HIPOs with the required mindset and behaviors.
  • Effective monitoring and reporting systems for IA and National staff recruitments.
  • Gender and diversity ratio maintained for staff at all levels.
Developing a strategic, agile, and customer-driven People & Culture Team (10%)
  • Ensure that the People & Culture function has the required capacity, capability, systems, processes, policies, and guidelines to drive the transformation of mindsets and behaviors and realization of Our Promise.
  • Promote a customer-centric culture in the People & Culture function, ensuring professionalism and accountability in delivering services to staff and leaders.
  • Provide overall leadership and technical support to the P&C team, coaching and mentoring the team through regular meetings, sharing, and monitoring individual plans to support professional growth and development.
  • Design efficient P&C systems and processes with a particular focus on process excellence and ensure that Workday is fully operational with accurate and complete information for decision-making.
End Results
  • High caliber and professional P&C team.
  • Effective service delivery of the P&C team to all stakeholders.
  • Regular coaching and mentoring of P&C staff by the P&C Director.
  • The Workday system is fully operational with 100% accuracy and effectively utilized.
Promoting external and internal coordination (10%)
  • Establish proactive linkages and strategic networks with key International NGOs and other stakeholders at the national and international level for broader impact and also to keep abreast of the ongoing changes in the external environment that affects the fragile context operations.
  • Consistently develop and maintain effective working relationships with Regional P&C, SLT, and different departments including field-based program managers.
End Results
  • Proactive engagement, improved networking, and linkage with INGOs and other stakeholders for information sharing and context awareness.
  • Improved networking with internal stakeholders at the Regional and National Office level.
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Required Professional Experience
  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in a Senior Human Resources Management position in an international organization.
  • Ability to engage at a strategic level with Board members and senior leadership teams at the national and regional level
  • Visionary thinking of the HR industry and a moderate understanding of humanitarian operations
  • Proven record of managing people in a diverse cross-cultural setting
  • Strong ability to lead and implement organizational changes
  • Spiritual maturity and a biblical worldview – Ability to articulate and model our Christian identity and mission in an inclusive way.
  • Familiarity with INGO international staffing policies and sound knowledge of country/regional labour laws.
  • Demonstrated of well-developed influencing and negotiation skills, and excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Highly flexible and agile in style with the ability to produce creative and pragmatic solutions to complex Human Resources problems.
  • Proven conceptual & analytical skills and systems thinking.
  • Agile decision making - Ability to understand large organizations and solve complex problems
  • Personal resilience in the face of complex and evolving contexts.
  • Strong financial management skills.
  • The candidate should have a personal calling and passion for service.

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Business Management or Social Sciences.
  • Professional qualifications in Human Resource Management, Organisational Development (OD) or Leadership Development.
Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications
  • A Master’s Degree in the relevant field is an added advantage.
  • Experience working in conflict or emergency responses would be ideal.
  • Ability to lead a multicultural team with an empowering and outcome-oriented approach

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement
The position is office based in the Arusha National office and will require the ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.

National Director Line Manager – Direction & support
Regional P&C Director Matrix Manager – Strategic priorities and coaching support
Senior Leadership Team Peers – Collaboration
P&C Team Managing the team – Work Execution
INGO and external stakeholders Networking and collaborating – Information sharing and context awareness

Decision-making responsibilities as per the levels of authority document of the National Office.
Decision-making without approved policies, procedures, and a line of authority.

  • Be Safe and Resilient
  • Deliver Results
  • Build Relationships
  • Be Accountable
  • Learn and Develop
  • Improve and Innovate
  • Partner and Collaborate
  • Embrace Change
  • Model Self-Management
  • Engage, Influence, Lead, and Grow Others
  • Run an Effective and Agile Organization
  • Develop the Organization for the Future


Fluent in English and Swahili
Job Location: This Position is Based in Arusha, National Office
Applicant Types Accepted: Local Applicants Only

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