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When Do You Need a Lawyer after a Car Accident

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When Do You Need a Lawyer after a Car Accident

Not all car accidents need a lawyer. If you are not injured – you might not need to call a personal injury lawyer right away. Nonetheless, if the insurance company might refuse to pay for your property damage for some reason – you might need a lawyer then.

As far as personal injury is concerned, you don’t need a lawyer if you are not injured. But – you will want to know the threshold of when you do need a lawyer involved. You don’t necessarily have to be part of a major accident to be eligible to call a lawyer and seek legal help.

Even a minor accident can cause personal injury. For instance, you can have a whiplash which is about straining a muscle – and the whiplash can last for the rest of your life. So, you will want to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer who knows the law, such as the Arkansas injury lawyers, and can help you cover your damage.

If you have been injured – even the slightest – you might need some sort of treatment and at least have a doctor look at you. You might as well have to go to the emergency room to ensure that you don’t have any internal bleeding or bleeding on the brain, etc.

Seek Medical Help without Delay

Sometimes people don’t even feel an injury for a few days after the accident. And when they feel something – they do wonder whether it is too late to call a lawyer then. It is essential to mention here that instances like these are very common.

Initially, you might feel a bit worn out – but you never know the serious medical and health condition that might arise a few days later. Sometimes because of the adrenaline, you don’t feel your injuries for a few weeks even.

You get the point – sometimes injuries take a long to manifest, which is why you should ideally get checked and seek medical help after you have been part of an accident – even if you cannot detect any visible injuries at that time.

Don’t Waste Time – Call a Lawyer

Nonetheless, if you need to hire a lawyer, you will need to do it pretty quickly because what happens is that evidence disappears. Usually, at the point of impact, there is debris that falls, and in bigger accidents, there may be pieces of the car that you will want to preserve for evidence.

If you take too long to hire a lawyer, pieces of evidence can disappear, witnesses can disappear too, and you cannot find them. The longer you take to start investigating something – the harder it will be for you to prove that you have been done wrong.

You know that a case that gets colder becomes a lot harder to solve than a case that happened yesterday. So, you will want to get a lawyer involved as soon as you can so that the lawyer can start collecting evidence and investing in your case.

The Potential Values of Hiring a Lawyer

After you have contacted a lawyer, they will send out their own investigators to the scene, where they will take pictures of the place the accident occurred. They will also take pictures of any obstructions of anybody’s view, the light sequence, and the traffic control devices.

You have to understand that the attorneys know the laws, and they have a complete understanding of what is recoverable and what is not – as far as damages are concerned.

So, if you have sustained any sort of damage, you should always have a lawyer on your side instead of dealing with an insurance company of your own. The thing is that the adjusters have been trained to offer you the lowest amount as compensation.

The adjusters are trained and know how to negotiate – they know the law, too – even though they might not have been at a law school. The adjusters know that they are dealing with a person who doesn’t know what they are entitled to recover.

The main reason to hire a lawyer after a car accident is all about the legal support in investigating the incident, gathering evidence, knowing what to look for, knowing the law, and knowing what damages are recoverable.

Insurance companies tend to treat people differently when they have a lawyer involved. The insurance company usually knows that most people are completely ignorant of the law and on what contributory negligence is, and the potential damages that they can recover – if they knew the law.

So, the insurance company will do its best to pull off all kinds of stuff where they are going to try to get you to sign early on the settlement before you know the extent of your damages. You can even expect the insurance to get a check for a certain amount where they might tell you that you probably aren’t injured, but they will be giving you the compensation money anyway.

Insurance companies don’t just run their business by giving away money – they are trying to get people to sign agreements saying that they release all their claims without knowing at the time that they have sustained more damages than they thought they had.

However, once the insurance company gets the letter from the lawyer telling them not to contact their client anymore – all these shenanigans stop immediately.

What Should You Do Right after a Car Accident?

If you find yourself in a car accident, you will want to call the police right away. If you are seriously injured, call the ambulance. If you are able to get all the insurance information of the other driver, do that and take a picture of the driver, their car, and their license plate.

Take a picture of the damage and get the names and addresses of any witnesses that have been around at the time of the accident. The more evidence you gather – the better it will be at the time of proving your innocence.

Besides taking care of yourself first and getting the police involved, you will want to gather as much evidence as possible – before it disappears.

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