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Operator 3 - Equipment at Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) January 2024

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Geita Gold Mining Ltd (GGML)
Jobs in Tanzania 2024: New Job Vacancies at Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) 2024
Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) Jobs 2024
Operator 3 - Equipment
Post Start Date: Jan 22, 2024
Geita Gold Mining Ltd (GGML) is Tanzania’s leading gold producer with a single operation in Geita Region. The company is a subsidiary of AngloGold Ashanti, an international gold producer headquartered in South Africa, with operations in more than ten countries, in four continents. The mine is situated in the Lake Victoria Gold fields of Northwestern Tanzania, only about 85 km’s from Mwanza City and 20 km’s Southeast of the nearest point of Lake Victoria. The company has its head office in Geita, only 5 Km’s west of the fast-growing town of Geita, and also a supporting office in Dar es Salaam. Applications are invited from ambitious, energetic and performance driven individuals to fill in vacant position(s) mentioned below:

Position: Operator 3 - Equipment
Contract type & Duration: Unspecified time contract
Department: Process Plant.
Reporting to: Superintendent 2 – Production Operations
Number of Positions: One (1)

The purpose of role is to run the Milling circuit per GGM standard operating procedures to achieve the company targets set by process plant management. The Milling operator is required to follow all GGM health, safety and environment (HSE) procedures in conducting Milling plant operations. The operator is also expected to follow the GGM code of conduct including following all security protocols around the plant and the mine in general. The operator will be required to interact and collaborate with maintenance and metallurgical personnel as well as security and HSE personnel.

  • A minimum certificate of Secondary School Education (CSEE) or
  • Possession of Certificate or Diploma in Minerals Processing will be an added advantage.
  • GGML is an equal opportunity employer: Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.
  • At least 5 years process plant experience
  • Previous operating experience in a mineral processing environment, preferably gold will be an added advantage.
  • General background in crushing, milling and/or processing is preferred.


  • Housekeeping Ensure no garbage on the floor e.g., water bottles, papers, gloves etc.
  • No Spillage of Ore, scats or slurry or hydrocarbon spillage on the floor – hose the milling ground floor and feed and discharge end floor at the end of the shift.
  • Keep all hose pipes rolled up when not in use - to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Keep the working tools tidy, arranged, and clean. Eg: Sample Cutters, sample vessels and shovels.
  • All rubbishes to be collected to the dust bin and removed from the area if bins are full.
  • All your area must be cleaned, and hose pipes rolled before closing the day. Participate fully in toolbox meetings.
  • Correct and or report any safety risks and potential hazard to the supervisor.
  • Inspect gas monitor per inspection books and report any defects.
  • Evaluate per requirement if gas monitor reading go over 10ppm.
  • Test the safety showers at milling plant to ensure it is in good condition.
  • Use minimum PPE correctly as required. Rubber gloves, Safety Glass, Safety Boots, helmet, musk for particular tasks, etc. Make sure permit forms are filled for tasks that require permits e.g., confined space, grid mesh and handrail removal.

Sag mill
  • Inspect leakages from the sag mill shell and report all defects to control/shift supervisor.
  • Inspect abnormal sound from sag mill and report for possible liner or bolts come off.
  • Monitor and control sag weight in conjunction with control room operator, adjust the sag mill speed per control room operator advice if necessary.
  • Monitor sag mill scats chutes for blockages and scats bunkers.
Ball mill
  • Inspect leakages from the Ball mill shell and report to control/shift supervisor.
  • Inspect abnormal sound from sag mill and report for possible liner or bolts come off.
  • Monitor and control sag weight in conjunction with control room operator, adjust the sag mill speed per control room operator advice if necessary.
  • Monitor sag mill scats chutes for blockages and scats bunkers.
  • Inspect the mill sump pump hopper levels. Clear the build up from the mill discharge hopper.
  • Team up with control room operator as well as cyclone operators to control the hopper level by adjusting the speed of the mill discharge pumps.
  • Leakage of the hopper to be controlled. Make sure all sump pumps are available and directed to the mill discharge hopper.
  • Control hopper spillages/leakages to the sump pump and the hopper.
Mill discharge pumps
  • Test standby mill discharge pumps availability per schedule.
  • Change over mill discharge pumps as per weekly schedule/breakdown.
  • Avoid bogging the mill discharge pump by opening the dump valve before stopping.
  • Make sure the hopper is at bottom before stop the pump to avoid excessive spillages.
Mill gear box
  • Monitor gear box abnormal vibration.
  • Feel mill gear box vibrations, report for unusual.
  • Report usual noise from the gearboxes to be amended.
  • Monitor lube oil tank level.
  • Report when the tank level is low to top up.
  • Report lube pumps, pipes which are leaking oil to be fixed. Lube oil spillages must be dealt with per ggm procedures (control, contain, clean up) and reported.
  • You are required to start and stop lube pumps per control room operator requirements.
Spillage pumps.
  • Inspect the spillage sump pumps per schedule. Performance of the pumps.
  • Condition of the pump.
  • Availability of the pumps.
  • Direction of the discharge line (not to the trench under normal circumstance).

Density control.
  • Measure sag mill discharge density per log sheet to monitor the mill performance.
  • Measure ball mill discharge density per log sheet to monitor the mill performance.
Open milling water additional valves to control density and hopper level.
  • Control total water addition to mill discharge hopper by opening and closing water valves manually per control room operator requirements.
  • Control mill feed water valve manually if instructed by control room operator.
  • Inspect to make sure water to the sag mill trommel is achieved, report if not.
Starts/stop the mill per instructions.
  • Should be able to start /stop the plant per GGM operating procedures, start mill discharge pump, start ball mill and start sag mill.
Spillage Control.
  • Report any spillage to control room operator or shift supervisor.
  • Wash off spillages to the sump pumps.
Cooling water system.
  • Monitor cooling water level and organize to top up if level is low.
  • Organize cleaning of the cooling pumps filters per weekly schedule.
Monitor water ponds.
  • Monitor pond water levels. Monitor high levels to the ponds, make sure ponds are not overflowing.
  • Make sure raw water pond level is above 80% all the time, this is to avoid the pond from running empty.
  • Make sure emergency sump pumps are available and run in automatic all the time.
  • Carryout pond inspections per schedules and inspection sheet, record to be filed.
Water pumps.
  • Inspect process water pumps leakage and performance.
Perform all planned tasks issued by snr supervisor via weekly schedule plan. 
  • QQTR must be clearly explained/offered.
  • Complete those tasks and sign off the job cards, collect job cards for recording.

  • Computer literacy will be added advantage.
  • Employees must have sufficient education to read and write instructions, perform simple mathematical calculations, and keep records.
  • Clean criminal record or any other security incidents.
  • Ability to maintain and keep confidential all gold room information, including schedules activities, equipment layout, building layout, gold information and passwords.
  • Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot problems.
  • Strong verbal, written, analytical and persuasive skills.
  • Ability to interact effectively with all levels of employees and management.
  • Ability to complete repetitive tasks at a consistently high standard.

  • Please apply by clicking APPLY NOW button below.
  • On the portal you will be required to upload your detailed CV, copies of relevant certificates, e- mail and telephone contacts, names, and addresses of three referees. Please do not attach certificates that are not related to the qualifications stated above.
  • You will also be required to upload a cover / application letter addressed to “Senior Manager Human Resources", Geita Gold Mining Ltd”. Subject should be “Operator 3 - Equipment
  • If you struggle to apply via the link provided, please head over to our website for a step-by-step guide on how to apply for jobs on our recruitment portal (SuccessFactors).
  • You will be required to present original certificates if you are contacted for interviews.
  • Internal Applicants (those currently employed by AngloGold Ashanti) must have their application letter endorsed by their Head of Department (HOD) or Manager once Removed (MoR).


Applications should reach the above on or before 31st January 2024 at 5:30 Pm.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

BEWARE OF CONMEN! AGA does not receive money in exchange for a job position. Should you be asked for money in exchange for a job offer or suspect such activity, please report this immediately to our Security Department, Investigation Unit, by calling +233556582933 or 0322296755 (rates apply) or use our Speak-Up channels by sending an SMS to +27 73 573 8075 (SMS rates apply) or emailing or use the internet at

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