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Request For Proposal (RFP) For Project Baseline Survey at GDC Consulting February 2024

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Request For Proposal (RFP) ForProject Baseline Survey at GDC Consulting
Title of Project: Integrated Programme for Out-of-School Adolescents(IPOSA) in Tanzania
Location: 6 regions in Tanzania (Manyara, Pwani, Simiyu, Shingyanga, Shingida, Tanga)
Duration: 2022-2025
Title of Assignment: Baseline Survey of the Integrated Programme for Out-of-School Adolescents (IPOSA) in Tanzania
Duration of Assignment :March – May, 2024(Approximately 47 Working Days)
Commence Date of Assignment: Upon the date signing the Service Contract
Due Date for Assignment : After 47 working days* from the commence date
The number of working days mentioned in the RfP can be adjusted depending on project progress and local circumstances

Background Information
Project Background Information
In the year 2015 the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) conducted an out- of-school profiling study and found that a total of 3.5 million children aged 7 to 17 (51 per cent girls) were out of school, including more than 2 million lower secondary school age and 1.2 million children who never attended school.As per the structure of Tanzania's education system, Adult and Non-Formal Education (ANFE) sub-sector was supposed to attend to these statistics in order to ensure opportunities for schooling are provided to the out-of-school children and youth.

To respond to the learning needs of the adolescents who are being missed out by the formal education system annually, the Integrated Program for Out-of-School Adolescents (IPOSA) was developed by the MoEST through the Institute of Adult Education (IAE), IPOSA is part of UNDAP II Education Outcome and is aligned with the National Development Vision 2025, the ESDP 2017/2021 (and now ESDP 2021/2022 – 2025/2026) and SDG4.

Overall, IPOSA enables youths and adolescents aged 14-19 years old to acquire knowledge, skills and self-perspectives which would enable them to contribute fully to social and economic development. Specifically, IPOSA aims at developing literacy and numeracy skills (reading, writing and counting) to adolescents who never attended school; develop life skills e.g. personal empowerment, good citizenship, living together and skills for employability; develop vocational and entrepreneurship skills which would enable an adolescent to cope up with life as well as the society around through self-employment.
The Government of Tanzania received financial and technical support from UNICEF and started developing the IPOSA program soon after the out-of-school study results were out. IPOSA development process was completed in 2018; the official launching was done in March 2019 in Tabora region. The program is implemented by the Institute of Adult Education in collaboration with PO-RALG and MoEST.

In 2021, KOICA and the Government of Tanzania conducted a feasibility study which concluded that KOICA would be willing to support IPOSA in six regions. The Government of Tanzania has intended to use the proceeds to scale up the implementation of IPOSA in six new regions namely Manyara, Shinyanga, Simiyu, Singida, Pwani and Tanga for the period from 2022-2025, seeking to reach 30,000 youths.

The project will be implemented in five Local Government Authorities (LGAs) per region., and it is expected that 30 IPOSA learning centers will be established the selection of the specific LGAs will be confirmed by April 2023. The project will also support the establishment of 3 IPOSA teaching centers.
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