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Port and Logistics Coordinator at Grindrod Logistics Africa March 2024

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Grindrod Logistics Africa (Tanzania)
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Port and Logistics Coordinator
Port and Logistics Coordinator at Grindrod Logistics Tanzania March 2024
Position: Port and Logistics Coordinator
The Port and Logistics Coordinator at Grindrod Logistics Africa (Tanzania) plays a pivotal role in overseeing the loading and offloading operations of LCT vessels on Lake Victoria. The primary focus of this position is to ensure the seamless coordination of port activities, encompassing logistics and transport management.

Key Responsibilities:
Port Operations Oversight:
  • Supervise the offloading of inbound vehicles from LCT vessels.
  • Manage the loading operations for outbound vehicles onto LCT vessels.
  • Ensure the secure lashing of loaded vehicles, adhering to safety protocols.
Maintenance and Technical Support:
  • Address breakdowns and technical issues promptly.
  • Collaborate with maintenance teams to resolve problematic vehicles efficiently.
Voyage Documentation: 
  • Maintain comprehensive reports for each voyage, documenting loading, offloading, and any incidents.
  • Provide regular updates on operational status to internal and external stakeholders.
Stakeholder Collaboration: 
  • Foster close relationships with internal teams to facilitate effective communication and collaboration.
  • Establish strong connections with external stakeholders, particularly ports authorities and operational personnel.
QHSE Compliance: 
  • Implement and uphold Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) protocols in all port operations.
  • Monitor and report any anomalies or deviations from established QHSE standards.
Truck Staging Area Management: 
  • Monitor the truck staging area for efficient truck flow.
  • Schedule truck staging for loading and coordinate the removal of inbound trucks.
  • Optimize truck staging processes to enhance overall efficiency.
Computer Program Proficiency: 
  • Utilize Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for documentation, reporting, and presentations.
  • Apply computer programs to streamline data management and enhance operational efficiency.
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Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
QHSE Compliance Rate:
  • Objective: Ensure strict adherence to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) protocols in all port operations.
  • Measurement: Percentage of QHSE compliance in daily operations, evaluated through audits and incident reports.
  • Target: Achieve and maintain a QHSE compliance rate of 95% or higher.
Vessel Turn-Around Time:
  • Objective: Improve operational efficiency by minimizing the time vessels spend in the port.
  • Measurement: Average time taken for vessels to complete loading and offloading operations.
  • Target: Achieve a 20% reduction in vessel turn-around time compared to the previous year.
Stakeholder Satisfaction Index:
  • Objective: Foster positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including ports authorities and operational personnel.
  • Measurement: Regularly assess stakeholder satisfaction through surveys and feedback mechanisms.
  • Target: Maintain a stakeholder satisfaction score of 80% or higher.
Timely and Accurate Reporting:
  • Objective: Ensure timely and accurate reporting of operational activities and incidents.
  • Measurement: Percentage of reports submitted on time and accuracy of information provided.
  • Target: Achieve a 90% or higher compliance rate for timely and accurate reporting.

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