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Environmental Coordinator at CPP Engineering Co. Ltd May 2024

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China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co. Ltd
Jobs in Tanzania 2024: New Job Vacancies at China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Company Ltd, 2024


China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Company Ltd Jobs 2024
Total Exploration and Development Uganda Limited (TEPU), CNOOC Uganda Limited (CUL) and the Government of Uganda have discovered crude oil in the Lake Albert area and want to develop and build an oil pipeline to connect production from the Kingfisher area to Buliisa-Nwoya area of crude oil is exported to the international market.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project is part of the Lake Albert Development Project, a 1,443-kilometer transnational long-distance pipeline development project that can transport crude oil from Uganda to Tanga Port on the east coast of Tanzania.

The EACOP system is divided into three components, above ground installations (AGIs), pipelines and offshore storage terminals (MST). The above ground installation (AGI) consists of 6 pumping stations (PS-1 to PS-6) and 2 pressure reducing stations (PRS-1 and PRS-2) along the pipeline route.

The pipeline consists of 1,443 kilometers of 24-inch continuous heated export pipelines, connecting the Kabaale hub pumping station (PS-1) in the Hoima region of Uganda and the Tanga region storage reservoir in Tanzania.The pipeline includes all intermediate valve chambers , electric heat tracing (EHT) systems, high voltage distribution (HV) and fiber optic (FO) cables and related equipment, as well as the EHT substation

Environmental Coordinator
Job Overview
CPP Vacancy | Environmental Coordinator
Position: Environmental Coordinator

Job Description:
  • Inspect, manage and support environmental protection in field and operation.
  • Identify, analyze and guide in field the implementation of remedial measures to environmental issues.
  • Undertaking inspections, audits, and environmental monitoring, reporting, interpretation of results and action of findings.
  • Prepare and revise environmental documentation, plans and procedures whenever required.
  • Develop strategies to minimize environmental incidences/accidents and other issues that may affect safety.
  • Identifying deficiencies in environmental programs and practices and develop strategies to correct those deficiencies.
  • Overall, in charge of waste management practices, processes and arrangements at the site including procedures for handling and management of hazardous waste, coordinate for waste removal.
  • Conduct inspections and monitoring according to the Compliance Monitoring Programme.
  • Conduct training to all workers on water and energy conservation, spills and emergency response procedures (including internal and external communications during an emergency response).
  • To guide the clearing activities including to oversee topsoil stripping activities and other construction activities and to advise, whenever necessary on the required depth to be stripped.
  • Coordinating internal inspections of project facilities to ensure they are complying with environmental Law and regulations.
  • Developing, implementing, and managing environmental programs, projects, and policies.
  • Communicating with community leaders and residents to foster awareness of environmental issues.
  • Coordinating with government agencies to respond to emergencies such as oil spills or chemical leaks.
  • Developing plans to prevent or mitigate damage to the environment from natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes.
  • Coordinating outreach programs to promote environmental awareness among the public.
  • Conduct site inspections and measurement of noise emissions by using portable equipment.
  • Identify reliable monitoring stations and make accurate analysis of noise level data in monitoring report as required by applicable standards;
  • In coordination with CONTRACTOR’s CLOs, integrate community and staffs concerns regarding noise pollution, including grievances raised via the grievance procedure.
  • Advise Lead Environmental Coordinator on issues of concern with noise management.
  • Take all necessary measures to remedy non-compliances.
  • Keep all necessary records concerning environmental parameters, tasks, inspections, relevant to permanent erosion control and Reinstatement MP.
  • Performs regular inspections and report to the Lead Environmental Coordinator any deviance of hazardous material management from the standard/requirement.
  • Reports all the risks, non-compliances and incidents to Environmental Lead
  • Participate in investigation of incidents involving hazardous material releases
  • Undertake routinely visual monitoring and recording of hazardous materials and fuel storage facilities to assess effectiveness of containment systems.
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Job Requirement:
  • At least 1 year experience.
  • Being Registered /expert /certified /or having practicing license is an added advantage.
  • Education level at least junior college.

How to apply for the position:
  • Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be titled with your full name and position applied.
  • Application letter with Curriculum Vitae (CV) including names, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
  • Only successful candidates will be contacted for further procedures.
  • Lobbying and canvassing will not be entertained and may disadvantage the applicant and even lead to disqualification.
  • Failure to abide by the instructions given above will automatically lead to disqualification
The required documents should be sent to email: on 06/05/2024 before 16:00 hours

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