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Training on Fundraising Skills and Development of Fundraising Strategies to AMCOS at IESC Tanzania

  AjiraLeo Tanzania       Monday 29 April 2024
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Training on fundraising skills and development of fundraising strategies to AMCOS
Location Tanzania
Department Programs
Employment Type Volunteer
USAID-Funded Farmer-to-Farmer Access to Finance
Program Scope of Work
Training on fundraising skills and development of fundraising strategies to AMCOS

Description of the Program:

Improving Economies for Stronger Communities (IESC) serves as the lead implementer for the Farmer-to-Farmer Access to Finance Program (F2F A2F) to address deficits in the financial ecosystem hindering investment and growth in agriculture for individual farmers, as well as micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises through the delivery of volunteer technical assistance. IESC has designed a thematic F2F program to generate sustainable, broad-based economic growth and create jobs in the agricultural sector with a special focus on assistance to women and youth. Focusing on Kenya, Tanzania, and Liberia, the F2F A2F Program will work with local partner organizations and volunteer hosts to field pro bono experts from the U.S. agriculture, corporate, and banking sectors to address systemic capacity constraints for farmers and lenders in each targeted country and unlock finance for improved agricultural production leading to utilization of agricultural technologies and increased sales and incomes.

Problem Statement:
Cooperatives voluntarily bring together people with common needs and goals to promote socio-economic development. They establish collectively managed business enterprises that help members access resources and services such as storage processing and marketing of produce.

Cooperatives in Tanzania often struggle to compete with the private sector, and many are not able to provide their members with the services they need. However, cooperatives are crucial to ensuring people’s economic and social independence in an increasingly competitive economy. Additionally, cooperatives can build local development and boost the performance of the agricultural sector. When access to capital is limited, the economy is struggling, and market information is inadequate, cooperatives are a strong and viable economic alternative for small holder farmers.

Agricultural Markets Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) in Tanzania must borrow from banks to receive the funds needed to buy members’ produce before selling it; as a result, they are limited in their ability to raise internal capital. To fulfil members’ interests, some AMCOS have started other businesses to create internal capital and extend services to members (input supply, transport, and retail business for domestic goods). Unfortunately, there is reluctance among leaders and members to integrate other farm commodities into AMCOS beyond their main crop.

F2F A2F is recruiting a U.S. citizen or permanent resident volunteer expert to support one AMCOS in Tanzania to enhance the cooperative’s financial and fundraising skills. The AMCOS is based in Geita region (Lake zone Tanzania). The AMCOS is facing sustainable financial capabilities challenge to serve its operational and development objectives and hence fail to fulfil its members’ expectations. This assignment will allow AMCOS to gain the skills needed to raise more capital and function more sustainably.

Objective of the Assignment:
1. Train AMCOS leaders and executives on financial management and fundraising skills
2. Develop financial management and fundraising strategy and tools for the AMCOS adoption

1. Training report and training list
2. Fundraising strategy and financial management tools
3. PowerPoint Presentation summarizing the accomplishments of the assignment

Anticipated US Schedule for Assignment:




Estimated days


Home country


Day 1

  • Depart from the US



Day 2

  • Arrive in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam


Day 3

  • Briefing meeting with F2F A2F Team
  • Travel to Geita and kick off the meeting with the host

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam to Geita


Day 4- 5



Day 6-7

  • Development of training materials/manuals and fundraising strategy



Day 8

  • Test the training materials and the fundraising strategy with the executives and leadership and review



Day 9

  • Rest



Day 10-11

  • Training the AMCOS leaders and executives



Day 12

  • Preparation of the reports (training report, fundraising strategy, and trip report)



Day 13

  • Submit the training report, fundraising strategy, and trip report.
  • Debriefing with Host, F2F A2F team and USAID

Geita/Dar es Salaam


Day 14

  • Travel from Geita to Dar es Salaam


Geita to Dar es Salaam


Day 15

  • Depart to US




Day 16

  • Arrive in US






17 days (14 days in country)

Volunteer Outreach:
  • USAID and IESC encourage all F2F A2F volunteers to participate in public outreach. An important objective of the program is to increase awareness of Americans’ good work in developing countries. Volunteers should select at least one outreach activity from the list below, to be completed within one month of return to the US: Write an entry for the IESC website.
  • Post a photo, video, or text related to the F2F A2F assignment on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, personal website or other social media site, and send a link to IESC staff.
  • Send a press release to a local newspaper in the volunteer’s hometown. (IESC can provide a template)
  • Write something for an alumni or professional association newsletter, or other publication. (IESC can help as needed).
  • Give a presentation about the F2F A2F assignment to colleagues, students, religious group, rotary club, etc.
  • Send an email about F2F A2F to friends, family, or colleagues.

Requested Expertise of Volunteer Expert:
  • A Master's or Doctoral degree in Business Administration
  • At least 10 years of experience working in farmer training and business management.
  • A good understanding of cooperative management
  • Hands-on experience in AMCOS management in African Countries.
  • A good understanding of fundraising strategies.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills and capacity to plan strategically and flexibly.
  • Sufficiently physically fit, with appropriate medical clearance
  • Writing Skills: reporting requires good computer skills including, but not limited to, working, and generating reports with MS Word. Experience with PowerPoint presentations is desirable.  
  • Good writing and analytical skills, interpersonal communication, and presentation skills (adult education skills)
  • All F2F A2F volunteer experts must be US citizens or permanent residents.

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