Monday 8 July 2024

6 New Job Vacancies at TALGWU July 2024 - Various Posts

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Jobs in Tanzania 2024: New Job Vacancies at Local Government Association of Tanzania (TALGWU) 2024


Local Government Association of Tanzania (TALGWU) Jobs 2024
New Job Vacancies at TALGWU July 2024
What is TALGWU?
It is a Local Government Association of Tanzania registered under the Trade Unions Act of 1998, and given registration number 010 on 15/09/2000. TALGWU brings together all the staff under Local Government Authorities and other Institutions in the country where as of June 2018, the Association had 62,170 members.

TALGWU is affiliated with the Tanzania Trade Unions Association (TUCTA), the World Trade Union (PSI) and the Local Government Network of Africa (AMALGUN). Thus the trade union is a united, unified, and unified workforce whose goals, goals, aspirations and aspirations are the same.
Unity is the only pillar to provide solutions to their problems.
TALGWU educates, protects, and protects the employment and remuneration of its members in accordance with laws, regulations, regulations, guidelines and various work documents.

What is the purpose of the establishment of TALGWU?
  • To fight for and encourage employers to improve and maintain a positive member's well-being in their work and retirement days.
  • Negotiating and eliminating differences that arise between employers and members, or one and the other members through negotiations / peace agreements whenever possible.
  • Managing and advising on the formulation of high-quality employment contracts in the workplace.
  • To educate members on understanding the laws, rules and discipline procedures applicable in the country.
  • Communicate with government on the need to enact appropriate labor laws and develop sound policies to promote economic and social life.
  • Protect members' interests by contacting the government to avoid the formulation of policies that are harmful to members.
  • Advise the Government to reduce the employee's income tax.
  • Advise the Government to modify and create Public Service Structures that do not apply to our Members
  • To be united in the fight for their rights and interests.
  • Gain representation in decision-making bodies.
  • Get legal help when they are faced with work conflicts.
  • To be educated on various service issues.

6 New Job Vacancies at TALGWU July 2024 - Various Posts

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Position: Various Posts
Deadline for Application: 22nd July 2024.

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