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Construction Supervisor Terminal/Tanks Mech/Piping at SeaOwl July 2024

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Construction Supervisor Terminal/Tanks Mech/Piping
Construction Supervisor Terminal/Tanks Mech/Piping at SeaOwl Tanzania July 2024
Start date: 01 August 2024
Duration: 12 months
Work Station:
Site Based rotation (8w ON & 2w OFF)
Report To: Marine Terminal Construction Lead

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project is a major regional infrastructure project between Uganda and Tanzania coast, opening a new value corridor between the two countries. The EACOP project development comprises of the detailed engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of the corresponding facilities.

The contracting strategy entails 9 main packages (EPcmC, EITS, Thermal Insulation, Line-pipes, LLIs POs, AGI stations, Pipeline and Marine Terminal – MST, and PV Farms) to be executed through 15 to 18 different direct main contracts. An EPcmC contractor will be in charge of Detailed Engineering, Procurement and construction management support interfacing will all other contractors for the project.
EACOP direct personnel, including partners’ secondees, mobilized in UK, Tanzania and Uganda will be more than 600 at peak periods during the execution phase of the project and up to 8,000 to 10,000 personnel, contractors inclusive, who will be mobilized across the various sites for construction activities.

The Piping & Steel Structure Supervisor is responsible for Safety Culture: Provide leadership in supporting safety culture by maintaining a safe department, free from injury, and exceeding environmental and safety requirements/standards. Documentation: Take detailed notes and photographs to document the field construction process. Report all required field activities as per field forms. Client & Contractor Communication: Interact and communicate with between clients and contractors regarding production. Field Construction Oversight: Instruct and ensure Contractor’s supervisors and foreman correctly complete service requests with proper coding through communicative devices (such as laptop computers or hard copies).

Supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in Piping and Steel Structure installation works include Pipe spool & Steel structure fabrication, pipe launching, piping layout, Pipe spools, Valves, Gaskets identify and marking, Line walks, Steel Structure ground assemble, Verticality & Horizontality check. Steel Structure Bolt & Nut torquing. Provide guidance and entire welding works. Leadership and Motivation: Provide leadership and motivation to personnel and supporting functions to achieve a dynamic and engaged team. Adherence to Policies: Provide information regarding and maintain adherence to Company EACOP policies, safety standards, and good housekeeping practices.

Overall field construction Piping & Steel Structure supervision of the day-to-day construction activities of the EPcmC staff & CONTRACTORs. They will ensure work is carried out using safe working practices and is completed in accordance with the project codes, standards, drawings, and specifications.

• Organize, manage a Contractor’s supervisors and foreman depending on the size of the project and supervise the total requirement of Piping & Steel Structure construction and ensure that the safety aspect is observed on the project which by dedicating and control the responsibility to his Contractor’s supervisors and foreman.
• Assign and Assist supervise the Contractor’s supervisors and foreman on their daily construction work, monitoring the daily progress of piping & steel structure work and inspection if any. He will also ensure that the documentation is updated as the project progresses.
• Prepare, Review, Comment and Correction of Piping & Steel Structure Construction Procedures, Method Statements, Job Safety/Hazards Analysis, Lifting plan, Test procedure and Test package for the project when necessary and will ensure that it is in compliance with the relevant code and standard and Company/Client’s specification requirement.
• Monitor the performance of Piping & Steel Structure and processes, identify, troubleshoot and resolve scheduling problems in order to maintain efficient operations. Prepare activity and progress reports so recurring problems either with the quality of the product or the reliability of testing procedures, can be identified or addressed.
• Supervise, coach and mentor team members; priorities and assign tasks to ensure that the team’s resources are used effectively and that work schedules and targets are met.
• Review, comment and recommend the Piping & Steel Structure drawing, Material Technical Data sheet, and other relevant documents.
• Preparation, Review and Comments of Construction Method Statement, Procedure and Reports
• Issue, Follow up and Close Internal/External NCR or Site Observation
• Conduct regular site surveillance. Prepare, monitoring and close up Daily Construction Documents/Reports
• Ensuring local partners and local contractors receive and understand clear instructions and guidance.
• To provide on the job training and coaching to local content personnel, liaising either directly or indirectly with training providers to ensure training is provided and performance monitoring of such.
• Ensure CONTRACTORs, supervisors and foreman are fully executing and complying with their contracted scope of work, project specifications and Code & Standards requirements.
• Implement, use and communicate safe work practices on and off the project sites
• Participate in constructability and technical design reviews to identify any opportunities for optimisation
• Supporting the Contractor’s supervisor foreman and Inspectors on the piping & steel structure installer & erectors and co-ordinating daily reporting requirements
• Verifying the required civil and concrete works to support the piping & steel structure placement activities are completed
• Planning and coordination of piping & steel structure installation works in readiness for welding activities
• Ensure critical materials & equipment are being stored and monitored with preservation records available
• Ensure 3rd Party provider for NDE inspection and testing are not delayed due to access or schedule
• Identify conflicts in construction progress and communicate them to project team for resolution
• Providing instruction and supervision to junior field supervisors, and foreman on day-to-day piping & steel structure scope execution
• Interface with field engineering, civil, steel structure, storage tank, piping & steel structure, rotating & static equipment and electrical & instrumentation leaders to ensure the delineation of battery limit scopes are clearly communicated and understood by all stakeholders.
• Planning and coordination of Daily Progress, ITP inspection surveillance and hold points by the designated personnel.
• Planning and coordination of system / subsystem completion for testing and commissioning readiness
• Work within a multi-cultural business framework and provide ethical and compliant support.
• Mentor exemplary behaviour regarding HS3E, Ethics and Company “Code of Conduct” policy.

• The EACOP project includes a 1445km 24in main oil export pipeline, 8 above ground facilities [AGI: including 6 pumping stations (PS-1 thru 6) and 2 pressure reduction stations (PRS-1 and 2)], a green field Marine Terminal (MST) with an export jetty and Load Out Facilities (LOF) and a series of main line block valves (MLBV) and a long line heat trace (LLHT) heating system. Approx. 150km of feeder lines from Upstream facilities from Tilenga and Kingfisher fields will tie-in to the EACOP project. EACOP is developing the Tilenga Feeder line on behalf of the Tilenga Project. The EACOP Pipeline project will be the largest privately led with Government participation transnational infrastructure project ever undertaken in East African region. The project overall tonnage is estimated at 500,000t of material and equipment;
• Behind the numerous technical (the longest electrically heat traced pipeline in the world), environmental and social challenges faced by the project, Government of Uganda and Government of Tanzania agreed to develop EACOP project in a fast track mode. The project is aiming at a Ready For Start-up (RFSU) schedule not later than 39 months after FID;
• The context is complex with numerous stakeholders, environmental and societal / local content stakes, three partners, two involved countries new to oil development (Uganda and Tanzania), and the need for project development in accordance with IFC standards to secure the necessary financing;
• In the current context of low oil price the project needs to be developed with low CAPEX & OPEX to support the economics and enable FID while maintaining the technical quality of the installations, with high H3SE requirements and focus.
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• Tertiary/Professional qualification in Piping and Steel structure such ANSI/ASME Standard B31.1, Power Piping, ANSI/ASME Standard B31.3, Chemical Plant and Petroleum Refinery Piping, B31.9 Building Services Piping: Relates to building utilities. API 598 Standard -Valve
• With skilled for construction management or other Company agreed applicable discipline qualifications that support the construction management and execution of the onshore Piping and Steel Structure related, Marine Terminal and Storage Facilities work scopes
• A minimum of 8 years of Greenfield or Brownfield Terminal, Plant and Complex piping & steel structure Construction and Progress Controls in construction experience working in the Oil & Gas sectors.
• 8 years of piping & steel structure Construction, Quality Control and construction experience working within a cross-functional oil & gas piping & steel structure project team supporting; field engineering, interface, piping & steel structure construction and commissioning readiness.
• Experienced in analysing live construction metrics to create accurate reporting KPI’s and progress status back to the Lot Manager and project & construction management team

• Competency and proven experience within Worley or equivalent proprietary management systems and associated desktop applications for project delivery
• Competency within industry applications such as Assure, OMIE, Aconex, SharePoint, Adobe, MS Office; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio
• A high focus on identifying and meeting the key project deliverables and objectives.
• Demonstrated knowledge of compliance, risk controls and site HS3E requirements
• Demonstrate proficiency in the interpretation of engineering drawings, plans and specifications
• Comprehensive understanding of piping & structure construction methodologies and execution strategy
• Understanding of critical path and key milestones within the construction planning programs
• Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the criticality of material ROS dates to support schedules
• Demonstrated knowledge & understanding of ASME, API, ISO, ASTM with regard to piping & structure works
• Demonstrated knowledge of system/sub-systems testing, commissioning and completions management
• Comprehensive knowledge and understanding piping & structure hydro-testing, flushing, cleaning and box-up and reinstatement.
• Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of flange management and bolt torque procedures
• Comprehensive knowledge and experience managing LOTO and energy isolation procedures
• Demonstrated communication skills including the ability to articulate construction concerns and solutions with teams consisting of individuals with various technical and educational backgrounds.
• Previous experience working with multicultural contractors’ and reporting their performance.
• Staff management experience (knowledge of mentoring and motivation techniques)
• Autonomous, self-motivated, and flexible with the ability to adapt quickly to change or shifting priorities.
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