Situational Interview Question - Describe a time a customer wasn't happy and what did you do to change that?

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Situational Interview Question - Describe a time a customer wasn't happy and what did you do to change that?
Interviewer wants to know how you are going to face the Unhappy customers or how can you ensure that the customers are happy with the products and services you offer. Demonstrate your interpersonal skills by showing how you helped a difficult team overcome conflict.  This is a very common question so you need to come up with something good before you go to interview.It  should be something work related.
Assure that the difficult situation has not arise from your side. You explain the scenario.
It should be a genuinely tough situation where you weren't the main cause of the problem.  Do not blame your coworkers, or any other employee in your team for the particular difficult situation. Skipping this question will break your chance from getting job. It's better to create some stories to backup your answer. This will definately help you to impress your interviewer.

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Note - How to deal with Unhappy customers:
 - Ask an apology, even if you haven't done anything wrong.
 - Try to listen their problem first before you give any suggestion. Do not interfere them when they are explaining to you. Difficult customers want you to take their problem seriously rather than wanting for a perfection.
  - Do not use any negative phrases like" I can't" "We don't do that" "Not sure" "I don't Know".
 -  Use the expressions like, "I am sorry", "I understand how upsetting that must have been".
 - Speak slowly in a lower voice.
 -  If you are unable to resolve the issue, ask your supervisor, manager or any other senior member to help you.
- Do not take any complaints personally.

 Sample Answer: One of our repeated customer had purchased a TV and had requested for an electrician to install the fittings at his residence. Due to staff shortage, the electrician he had paid for could not reach his place timely. The next day, he was seen in the store with a great fury, I calmed him down by apologizing, then politely told him about our problems and that he will get electrician at his residence shortly and also offered him a refund apologizing again for the inconvenience caused. He left satisfied and I immediately informed the management about the issue and it was resolved within no time