Top 20 Things You Should Not Do In an Interview | Job Interview Tips

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Top 20 Things You Should Not Do In an Interview - Top Interview Tips
Poor personal appearance: always wear a nice suit (and tie for men) even if everyone at the office is wearing jeans and flip-flops. It goes a long way. 
Forget to close: you are interviewing for a sales job. You have to ask for next steps at the end of the interview. 
Show up unprepared: review How to prepare for your interview.  Make sure you 5-10 strong questions to ask.
Too much "I": talk in terms of ‘we’; it shows you are a team player. 
Ask no questions: if you don’t ask questions at the end of the interview it will appear that you are disinterested.
Show up late: the hiring manager will think “if he/she shows up late to the interview will they show up late to a customer meeting as well?” Arrive 10 minutes early. 
Chew Gum: don’t do it. 
Speak poorly of past employers: even if you had a bad boss or work experience, don’t speak of it. Keep the energy positive. 
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Lie: The world is a small place. If you lie about something the hiring manager can likely find out by reaching out to your past employer or boss.
Monetary based questions: don’t ask the about the salary, vacation days, perks and benefits.  We [Gogohire] can find out for you.
Acting too relaxed: the interview should be taken seriously. If you are too laid back the interviewer will question your professionalism.
Too much talking: The conversation should be like a free flowing tennis match. Don’t hog the ball and turn the interview into a monologue.
Bad eye contact: the easiest way to build trust with someone is by looking them in the eye.
Not turning off your cell phone: turn off your cell phone and put it away.
Asking poor questions: the interviewer will think that you didn’t prepare or commonly ask bad questions.
No follow up email: No matter what you need to follow up. It’s the easiest way to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.
Lack of energy: sales is a high endurance sport. Come to the interview enthusiastic and passionate.
TMI (Too much information): the interviewer isn’t your therapist. Don’t share your deepest secrets and personal information too early.
Rambling: keep your interview answers short and sweet. Answer the question the interviewer is asking and nothing more, unless requested.