Child Welfare Manager Job Opportunity at The Small Things | Deadline: 30th September, 2018

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Child Welfare Manager Job Vacancy at The Small Things | Deadline: 30th September, 2018
Key Responsibilities:
Residential Care Support:
  • Develop and maintain a positive relationship with all staff, partners and stakeholders
  • Monitor stock and oversee weekly and monthly shopping lists for facility
  • Coordinate and monitor healthcare and mental healthcare for children
  • Create and implement M&E system for child development in residential care in collaboration with our development team
  • Work with Managing Director and Head Mama to enable mamas to stay compliant with the schedule and other procedures
  • Work with Managing Director and Head Mama to adjust schedules and procedures when necessary, updating all staff and relevant documents to reflect changes
  • Implement and maintain monthly 1 to 1 schedule with children
  • Implement and maintain bi-annual holistic, comprehensive, individualized care plans for all children
  • Create outreach plan for children and manage all supplemental tutoring / community services and usage of library space
  • Develop and manage system for staff to work on specific skills with children according to directives outlined in the care plan
  • Work with HFCV staff and Head Mama to ensure children receive a healthy and balanced diet
  • Perform weekly surprise checks based on appropriate check lists and continually monitor, assess and iterate on check lists
  • Assist Education Director as needed with any school related issues
  • Oversee all recreational activities with children including birthday celebrations, outreach and quarterly field trips

Family Preservation Program / Reunified Children
  • Consult with the Managing Director and FPP Coordinator when issues arise regarding the welfare of children in the program
  • Manage family reunification visits and plan for residential children with Head Mama and FPP Team
  • Manage the transition of residential children to their families, in coordination with FPP Coordinator, FPP Officer and Head Mama
  • Offer feedback to the team regarding the transfer of children into residential care
  • Attend weekly FPP meetings as requested
  • Assist with reporting and montioring/evaluating outcomes of reunified children
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  • Deal with day to day issues that arise at the orphanage and HFCV, with the support of the Program Manager and Head Mama
  • Manage all monitoring and evaluation and data collection for outcomes of all welfare programs
  • Ensure a comprehensive directory is kept alongside individualized care plans of all residential children
  • Assist Head Mama with analyzing Orphanage and HFCV check lists
  • Assist with office management tasks and reporting as requested
  • Recruit and manage social work interns, as necessary
  • Hold weekly progress report meetings with CWO
  • Hold bi-weekly progress report meetings with counselor
  • Periodically review the TST Child protection policy based on International standards
  • Provide support for design, implementation, data collection and evaluation of welfare projects
  • Develop good relationship with relevant stakeholders and other relevant institutions at district and village levels

  • At least two years of experience in an environment working closely with children or youth
  • Able to provide effective leadership to a team
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Show a high level of professional competency and familiarity with current developments in the theory and practice of social and child care work
  • Be conversant with current welfare policy documents relating to children, welfare in general and the financing of welfare services
  • Strong managerial skills including people management, preparation and management of budget and ability to exercise control over expenditure
  • Ability to provide professional development of staff in the department
  • Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team, including professional and child and youth care workers
  • A strong developmental approach to child and youth care programmes
  • Manage and supervise the day-to-day operation of staff and volunteers assigned to Residential Department team and ensure the attainment of all key performance areas and take appropriate remedial action where necessary
  • Undertake related duties as assigned.
  • Implement strategy as determined
  • Ability to identify challenges and recommend changes accordingly
To apply, please send cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject line CHILD WELFARE MANAGER
Application Deadline: 2018-09-30