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Main Ways to Know Jobs Availability in Tanzania and How to Apply by Email | Job Tips

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Main Ways to Know Jobs Availability in Tanzania and How to Apply | Job Tips
In Tanzania to get employed is very difficult rather than employ yourself so today we give you ways that can enable you to get job advertisement and how to apply by sending  a letter and email. In Tanzania you may know about the availability of jobs through one of the following ways:
  • Read / visit media reports such as newspapers, websites and blogs that are well-known for promoting these ads (AjiraLeo Tanzania is must);.
  • Through AjiraLeo Tanzania, Ajira Portal and Tamisemi websites for the government jobs.
  • Some companies place their jobs on their websites mostly and not on newspapers or other media.  So if you have the habit of visiting their websites you will be able to get an opportunity to see existing employment opportunities and to apply for a job on time.  
  • You can also use a recognized employment agency in Tanzania.  You can do this by visiting them and knowing their needs so they can get you into their information.  
  • Often information like your profile and prayer requests is required to achieve this goal.  Consider identifying your way of communicating especially your phone numbers that are available for full time work.  work even if it is not advertised anywhere for the company you like to work with.  
  • Refer your application to the Office of the Company's if you express yourself on your profile especially in the field you are asking for.  This may give you the opportunity to be called for more dialogue especially if the company would like your profile and especially your skills for the job you are looking for.

How can you apply for work?
Once you have found enough information about employment opportunities or when you want to apply for a job that is not yet advertised and the company will consider the following:
  • Send your official letter of request, with the title of the corresponding newsletter and describe more about the queries with the criteria you specify. 
  •  Take care of all the procedures for writing letters and keep your contacts up-to-date, send and post contacts from them.  
  • Make sure you send a letter to the correct address specified in the advertisement post.  If you send an application to an unofficial post, you can call them to follow if they have received your request after a week. 
  •  adequate competence with the correspondence on the job you are asking for.  This will give you a great opportunity to call for further consultation with the prospective employer. 
  • Attach your copies of your educational certificates from diploma to high degree.  Also make sure you get a warranty letter and attach it as needed.
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How To send your application by email?
  •  When you send your application by email, use your address and if you use the post box to make sure that the box is yours or that of your next person so that the letter you are going to use will not be lost. 
  •  You can create a copy of the sender to make sure you send a free copy without forgetting.  Read the last time before sending to correct errors that you may have made.  
  • After submitting a call from them, make sure your phone is in the air all the time of work, ie in the morning until evening for a long time to receive the contact that will send you.