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10 Mistakes Can Lead To Be Unemployed | Job Tips
Therefore, if you are looking for jobs, your main job is to make your job better to be recognized as one of the candidates for that position. However, if you make the following 10 errors, you will continue to be unemployed:-

1. Apply a job when you do not have the required criterias
Work details refer to the qualities, skills and experience required for the task. If you have missed these features, don't waste your time asking for that job! Instead, use your time to upgrade your CV with an application letter for work opportunities that are within your capacity. However, if you see a job job that requires a few years of work experience but you believe that you will be able to perform its duties, then send a job application and call them to ask more. Nafasi za Kazi

2. Send one letter to apply for all the works advertisement.
Employers can know if you have used a letter to apply for other employers. If they feel that way, they feel that you have not used enough effort to apply for a job and will not choose you. People who are successful in finding jobs understand that sending a lot of jobs does not help you to get jobs. What is helpful is the quality of your job request as well as if you have the required features. Each activity is different so make sure you show how your experience and experience are relevant to the task you are asking for. AjiraLeo Tanzania

3. You are talking about the responsibilities you had instead of success
Employers want practical people. A CV that says geza I added sales at an average of 4% every four minutes weka puts more weight than ‘I was responsible for sales”. Wherever you have the opportunity, specify your achievements over your roles. Harvard Business Review also emphasize the importance of setting some of your achievements in CV. Show what successes you have with the job you are asking for.

4. Not to mention the value you will bring to the place you apply
To say that ‘I have 7 years experience eshi does not show the value of the experience.However, if I say 'I have 7 years experience and my responsibilities were added every year. Also, I have a good relationship with the stakeholders of this industry ”it is more interesting to help show the value you bring.

5. To show that you have trouble and so, you need employment
The employer does not care what the situation requires. There are hundreds of people applying for the same work. Make sure you appear that you need to work because you have trouble. Instead, trust yourself and show your support for the company / organization, and not how the company / organization will help you. For example, do not say ‘I want this opportunity to learn more about marketing’. Say, wak the possibility of bringing my marketing experience gives me the motivation to do this work. I also enjoy the possibility of learning more from your experts to deliver your products to more people ”.
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6. Not conducting a company / organization survey before sending a job application
There is nothing wrong with asking for a job without knowing anything about the company you apply for.Through the website or Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn n.k can be very helpful. You have to know what the company really cares about, before you show what value you will bring to that position. Employees are happy to know the applicant has done research on ethics, goals and achievements of the company. It shows them that you have been prepared enough and a joke. It will help you to compete.

7. Writing errors
You only have one chance to apply for work. Make sure you are mistaken in any query. Writing errors show the employer that you do not care about your work and that you did not go through the required detail.

8. Forcing to write English for the first time
Many people come from sweating to write a letter to apply for English. Their goal ends up to complete it instead of writing it for quality. Only you have the ability to describe the experience and value you will bring to the place you ask. Therefore, only you can write a letter of application and CV. If English is not your native language, write a letter to apply for your work in your native language and ask your friend or relative to pass it. AjiraLeo Tanzania

9. Submitting CV and letter requesting work that are too long
Your job request should not exceed one page and more visible to others, it must match the company and the job you are requesting. Almost everyone says he is a workman and he is able to work with or in a group. Show your effectiveness by displaying these features using your achievements.

10. Ignoring instructions for applying for work
Do not send certificates if you are told to send only CV. Do not send a published CV if you are sent to send via email. If you ignore important instructions, you show the employer that you can't follow the usual instructions. You may have a great talent but if you show that working with us will cause trouble, employers will not choose you.