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New Job Vacancy at The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD) Tanzania - Consultant

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Consultant – Economic Empowerment – Situational Analysis and Project Design
A. Background and Purpose

The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD), founded in 1931, is a Disabled Persons’ Organisation (DPO) that has been actively engaging in international development since 1981. NADs principal task is to fight all types of barriers that prevent women, men, girls, and boys with disabilities from being active participants as well as contributors in their communities. In Zanzibar, NAD is already supporting the development of a Community-Based Inclusive Development (CBID) programme, which includes an Inclusive Education Programme, but is currently expanding into a new thematic area.

NAD is planning to initiate an Economic Empowerment Programme called iSAVE, focused on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in income-generating activities. We seek a local consultant in Zanzibar to take a lead in the process of conducting further situational analysis (building on existing feasibility study and other relevant information), and developing a full project design.

The iSAVE programme was designed to contribute to a society where male and female persons with disabilities are economically independent, socially recognized and participate in efforts to bring about sustainable change in their community. It aims to address some of the challenges facing persons with disabilities such as limited access to education, high unemployment due to limited skills and competencies, low self-esteem and confidence, lack of access to financial services, negative attitudes/cultures all of which contribute to exclusion, and limited participation in socio-economic activities at family and community arena. The goal is to facilitate multi stakeholder involvement in disability inclusion in economic development; enhance entrepreneurship, business and vocational skills of the beneficiaries; promote access and use of financial services.

The iSAVE programme consists of three (3) main components:
i) Inclusive Village based Savings and Credit groups

ii) Capacity building initiatives on disability inclusion towards both microfinance institutions and DPOs, and
iii) Skills development and entrepreneurship training for persons with disabilities.

The iSAVE programme has been developed and tested in Uganda and has previously been adapted to the Malawi context. NAD is currently initiating the preparatory stages of a similar programme in Zanzibar. A feasibility study has already been conducted.

B. Consultancy objectives
The consultant will, in close consultation with the NAD Technical Adviser – Economic Empowerment, work towards three main objectives:
  • Propose feasible project management structures for the iSAVE Programme in Zanzibar, showing both strength and weaknesses of each proposed structure, through conducting further situational analysis building on the existing feasibility study
  • Conduct organizational capacity assessments among the potential implementing organizations in delivering the iSAVE Programme
  • Based on the information collected, develop a full project design for the iSAVE Programme in Zanzibar.
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C. Expected Deliverables, Timeline, and location of assignment
The assignment has the following deliverables:
  • In response to objective 1: Deliver fully developed options for potential project management structures for the iSAVE Programme in Zanzibar, enabling NAD to make an informed decisions on the best way forward.
  • In response to objective 2: Deliver a detailed analysis of the potential, capacities and gaps of the proposed implementing partners that forms part of the chosen project management structure, highlighting what will need to be done to fill the identified gaps and support the suitable organization in delivering the iSAVE Programme. Furthermore, the assessment should consider the management and administration set-up, financial systems, HR staffing and policy provisions, experience in handling economic/livelihood projects, influencing policy, network building, working with vulnerable populations and disability knowledge.
  • In response to objective 3: Deliver a fully developed project design document for the iSAVE Programme in Zanzibar. The document should include the following sections:

a. Introduction
b. Situational analysis
c. Project plan:
Until end 2024 (aligned with current EEP results framework)
Potential longer-term plan (2025 – 2029)
d. Project Management Structure
e. Project Approach and Activities
f. Risks and Mitigation Analysis
g. Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL)
h. Steps needed to start the project implementation
Appendix 1: Relevant policies in Zanzibar
Appendix 2: Key stakeholders and responsibilities (more details than section d)
Appendix 3: Workplan 2022

The aim is for all deliverables to be completed by the end of February 2022, in preparation for the programme to be initiated in the second quarter of 2022. The following timeframes are proposed:

Deliverables:**Objective 1**: Options for Project management structure
Deliver: End October
NAD feedback/decision on project management options: mid-November
Finalised: 2-3 days later

Objective 2: Capacity assessment and recommendations
Deliver: Mid-December
NAD feedback: Early January
Finalise: End-January 2022 (together with objective 3)
Objective 3: fully developed project design
Deliver: End-January 2022
NAD feedback: Mid-February
Finalise: End-February

The location of the assignment is Zanzibar, and there is a need to consider Zanzibar as a whole. However, the starting point for NADs iSAVE programme is three districts already selected for the CBID programme, which are Chake Chake in Pemba, as well as South Unguja and Urban in Unguja. The consultant should be living in or near Zanzibar, and know the local context well, in order to complete this assignment.

D. Reporting lines and Methodological approach
The consultant will work under the supervision of the NAD Technical Adviser – Economic Empowerment (NAD TA – EE) based in Kampala, Uganda. The consultant will report to and will also need develop the methodology and approach in close consultation with the NAD TA – EE.

The consultant will be required to use a variety of methods to complete this assignment. The process of meeting the objectives should be a consultative process, engaging key stakeholders in such a way that expectations are managed and harmonized from the onset. Therefore, the process of engagement should ensure that organizations expected to play a central role in the implementation of the project are kept close in a bid to influence their buy-in and ownership and support towards the iSAVE Programme.
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E. Qualifications, experience and skills
The consultant or team of consultants should have the following qualifications, experiences and skills:
  • At least a bachelor degree, preferably a Master’s degree, in relevant disciplines; Education, Development Studies, Business, Economics, Project Management or related field.
  • Extensive proven knowledge of and at least 5 years relevant experience within the field of Livelihood/Economic Empowerment is required, at an international level would be an advantage.
  • Proven experiences working at the project management level
  • Proven experience working with disability inclusion is an advantage
  • Experience working with local donor dependent organizations
  • Shows commitment to deliver quality work on time
  • Strong communication, report writing and presentation skills and Fluency in English and local language (Swahili)
  • Good command of complex, multi-sectoral projects, with many partners involved
  • Understanding of rights-based programming and gender mainstreaming.
  • Be a Tanzanian national, preferably with knowledge of the Zanzibar context
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How to apply
Interested applicants are asked to share a CV (including a minimum of two references) and a brief concept note to NAD. The concept note should be maximum 3 pages and should:
  • Demonstrate the consultant’s understanding of the assignment
  • Highlight the consultants relevant experience and qualifications
  • Outline an approach/methodology to achieving the three objectives
  • Provide a budget estimate, including fee per day
  • Give an indication of start-up date
  • Interested candidates should send their CV and concept note to by 14th September 2021. Please use the subject line “EEP Consultant – Zanzibar”. Applications can be addressed to the Head of NAD International Department.
Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview with NAD.

NAD is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, disability status, religion, ethnic origin, colour, race, marital status or other protected characteristics. We value diversity and are committed to achieving gender parity in staffing at all levels. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply for this consultancy. All staff and consultants are expected to follow and adhere to NAD policies and guidelines.

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