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4 New FORM FOUR and Above Job Vacancies at African Underground Mining Services (AUMS) - Various Posts

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African Underground Mining Services
Jobs in Tanzania 2021: New Job Vacancies at African Underground Mining Services (AUMS) 2021



African Underground Mining Services (AUMS) is an international leader in mechanized hard rock-underground mining. AUMS is part of Perenti (Formerly the Ausdrill Group), an ASX 200 company and Australia’s second largest integrated mining services provider. We are a global leader in hard rock underground mining; together with Barminco we operate across Africa in Tanzania, Egypt,Ghana, and Burkina Faso and in Australia and India. We are driven by the continued success at our operations and exceeding our client’s expectations – both in terms of safety and performance.

The collective talent and expertise of our workforce is the key to our success, and we are looking for talented people to join our business. We seek to build teams who are loyal, committed to our company values and dedicated to helping our clients. In return, we provide state of the art facilities, equipment and technology.
We look forward to receiving your application for the following jobs positions below...

Underground Charge Up Operator
Geita Gold Mine, Geita
Position purpose:
This position is responsible for carrying out charging of Jumbo development rounds, stripping rounds and longhole stopes in a safe and efficient manner.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Use of a variety of explosives and initiating systems, depending on drill pattern, rock type and hole dimension;
  • Handle and transport explosive material in a safe manner according to procedures;
  • Charge up holes, down-holes and development drives;
  • Charge Up and fire stope blasts according to blast plan;
  • Ensure working area is safe for personnel and equipment to perform duties;
  • Liaise with Geologists, Engineers and Shift Supervisors to optimize blast designs;
  • Prepping Stope Blast Holes and produce and accurate Stope Prep plan;
  • Full understanding of Charge Plans and charge Stopes according to plan;
  • Have good communication and written skills.

Essential Requirements:
  • 5 years Experience in Production Charging;
  • Experience with i-kon Charging and Logging;
  • Experience Charging with both Emulsion and Anfo;
  • Understanding and ability to conduct Density testing of Emulsion.
  • Experience in operating a Normet Charmec LC605 charging unit;
  • Sound mechanical knowledge of both the Normet and Hypercharge Unit;
  • Valid Tanzanian Driver’s License;
  • Tanzanian Blast Certificate
  • A recent Tanzanian police clearance certificate.
  • Flexible and willingness to assist with varied tasks and responsibilities;
  • Previously employed in an underground Charge-Up role;
  • A strong focus toward safety and hazard identification

Underground Bogger Operator
Geita Gold Mine, Geita
Position purpose:
This position is responsible for loading and dumping cycles to and from development and production areas, allocated stockpiles, and haulage trucks.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Bog development headings and stockpiles to trucks;
  • Keep trucks operating at full efficiency ensuring all ore, low grade, marginal and waste are kept separate;
  • Bog out and clean faces. This may also include inspecting for mis­fires including notification to Shift Supervisor, hosing down and scaling;
  • Remote Bog from open stopes using RCT 2200 Tele-Remotes;
  • Tram material from stockpiles and other bogging duties as required;
  • Backfilling Stopes with Rockfill, Cement Aggregate Fill (CAF) and Cement Rock Fill (CRF);
  • Keep all roads in working area tidy and free from pooling water and other potential hazards;
  • Manual and tele-remote bogging of production stopes to stockpiles.
  • Sound Mechanical knowledge of Boggers and Trucks.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Minimum of 5 years’ Underground experience in Hard Rock mining in a mechanised mine operating U/G Haulage equipment;
  • Experience with Cat 2900 Loaders;
  • Experience with RCT 2200 Series Tele-Remote Boggers;
  • Backfilling Stopes with Rockfill, Cement Aggregate Fill (CAF) and Cement Rock Fill (CRF);
  • Valid Tanzanian Driver’s License and good driving skills.
  • Flexibility and willingness to assist with varied tasks and responsibilities;
  • Strong safety and hazard identification.

Position: Jumbo Drill Operator
Geita Gold Mine, Geita
Position purpose:
The Jumbo Operator will carry out underground development and production work, stripping, ground support and other mining tasks directed by the Underground Shift Supervisor and trainer.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Complies with all HS&E policies, procedures and instructions. This includes the correct use of safety devices and protective equipment, prompt reporting of any hazardous situations, which they cannot themselves correct, making the necessary changes to eliminate or control the hazard and reporting immediately any accident or injury which arises in the course of their work.
  • Complies with relevant Mines Safety and Inspection Act and Regulations.
  • Takes reasonable care for their own safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts.
  • Performs pre-start checks and SWICs.
  • Accurately drill a number of drive drill patterns using a mechanised electric/Hydraulic Jumbo drill suitable to ground conditions and in compliance with site specific drill patterns and survey instruction.
  • Assess ground conditions at the face and implement ground control according to site requirements.
  • Read and accurately follow mining instruction plan with skill and precision ensuring holes are drilled to design line, gradient and profile.
  • Communicate with surveyors, geologists and engineers as required.
  • Optimise drill patterns to ensure maximum advance per round is achieved whilst maintaining strict adherence to design specifications with minimal overbreak.
  • Ensure work area is safe for personnel and equipment to perform working duties including ensuring electrical installations and services are clear of the drilling area.
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Essential Requirements
  • A demonstrated passion for safety and a proactive attitude toward ensuring that safety is front of mind for all employees at all times.
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in the Underground Mining Industry.
  • Knowledge of Underground Mining Practices and the efficient operations of an Underground Jumbo.
  • Tanzanian Driver’s License and good driving skills.
  • Basic first aid knowledge
  • Completion of secondary school

Position: Underground Shift Supervisor

Geita Gold Mine, Geita
Position purpose:
This position is required to coordinate underground mining activities on daily basis for through prioritizing resources, machinery and personnel to achieve targets set out in the mine plan.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Ensures mining operations are conducted in a safe manner and any safety issues are promptly reported to the Underground Manager and Project Manager;
  • Planning daily production levels for the mine;
  • Performs the daily management control and supervision of the working areas of the mine in accordance with all relevant Acts and Regulations.
  • Oversees the mine and looks after the Principals interest with regard to duty of care to all employees, subcontractors and visitors whilst also ensuring that each employee understands and accepts responsibility for his or her own safety and health and that of their fellow employees;
  • Organises and provides guidance to crews at each site in regard to rosters and day to day running of that particular site;
  • Conducts daily work planning meetings/toolbox meetings.
  • Ensure new staff have been appropriately inducted according to on­site AUMS and client requirements.
  • Submits incident reports in writing to the site Project Manager for incidents that occur on shift as soon as possible.
  • Oversees the training of shift personnel and to make sure all tasks given are conducted in a safe manner.
  • Liaises with any contractors on site, ensuring their work is coordinated with the other mining activities.
  • Carries out crew training, (theory and practical assessments as required) to all workers on shift and reviews each employee’s development, mentoring and motivating employees as appropriate.
  • Upholds Company policy on discipline and counsel personnel accordingly(ln conjunction with the Site Project Manager).
  • Conducts performance appraisals on site personnel as directed and forward these to the Site Project Manager.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum of 10 years’ Underground experience in a mechanised Hard Rock mining.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ in a Supervisory position in a mechanised mining.
  • Must hold an Underground Shift Supervisor Certification.
  • Management or leadership development training.
  • Valid Tanzanian Driver’s License and good driving skills.
  • Senior First Aid Certificate;.
  • Understanding drilling and blasting techniques;
  • Understanding both equipment and human resource capability and productivities;
  • Understanding mine plans;
  • Understanding mining techniques and ability to optimize mine production.
  • Ability to communicate and liaise with both employees and site manager.
  • Understanding mining equipment application.
  • Ability to identify potential hazards and minimise risks.
  • Understanding explosives.
  • Understanding appropriate statutory and mining regulations.
  • Ability to assess people performance and potential.
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Method of Application

If you have the necessary skills, drive and experience to be an asset to AUMS Operations Team, we welcome your interest and encourage you to apply.

Only applications with a current Resume attached will be considered for employment.Please send your CV along with a detailed covering letter via email

Application letters should reach the above on or before 14th September 2021,18hr00.
BEWARE OF CONMEN! AUMS(T) Limited does not receive money in exchange for a job position. Should you be asked for money in exchange for a job offer or suspect such activity, please report this immediately by calling +255 682 660 123 or+255 682 660 256 or+255 682 660 893.

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