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4 New Jobs at SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania January 2024 - Various Posts

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SOS Children's Villages Tanzania
Jobs in Tanzania 2024: New Job Vacancies at SOS Children’s Village Tanzania 2024
SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania Jobs 2024
SOS Children’s Villages in Tanzania is a local non-government and non-denominational organization affiliated to SOS Children’s Villages International, a worldwide child care organization that work to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing the care. Established 74 years ago, SOS Children’s Villages, currently has Children’s Villages and other projects in 135 countries around the world. Globally, it runs two major programs i.e., SOS family like care and family strengthening program supporting families in local communities. SOS Children’s Villages has been working in the United Republic of Tanzania since 1991.

Our programs are in Zanzibar, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Iringa. To achieve our mission and Strategy, we focus on ensuring the best care of children, innovation, and effective collaboration with partners. Our Core Values guiding who we are, and what we do include courage to take action, commitment to keep our promises, trust to believe in each other, and accountability to be reliable partners. SOS Children’s Villages in Tanzania seeks to recruit suitably qualified candidates to fill the following vacant positions;

Head of Human Resource
Head of Human Resource at SOS Children’s Villages January, 2024
Job Title: Head of Human Resource
Duty station: National Office- Dar es Salaam
Reporting to: National Director
Contract Period: 2 years with possible extension

The Head of Human Resources (HoHR) is responsible for setting the strategic direction and growth of human resources, including workforce development and planning. The principal objective is to elevate both staff performance and organizational performance to the required level. The HoHR will provide leadership and actively contribute to processes aimed at enhancing organizational development and leadership within the National Association. Additionally, the HoHR will lead the implementation of the HR manual, communicate and orient staff on new HR policies.

They are responsible for the staff training and development function, actively seeking and implementing programs such as workshops, courses, and seminars to help staff acquire new skills and enhance their abilities for improved performance. In a balanced manner, the HoHR will advocate for the team/staff concerning their genuine concerns and relations to the organization, as well as advocate for the organization in terms of its desired direction. The HoHR will apply the current national labor law to the National Association staff conditions of service and other HR policies. Moreover, the HoHR will play a key role in staff discipline and counseling, guiding procedures and providing up-building advice to the staff.

Leads Human Resource Planning and Implementation of HR Policies:
  • Projects and plans for new positions in consultation with the National Director, project managers, and National Office department heads.
  • Announces vacant staff positions, manages recruitment, and oversees placement for approved positions, ensuring adherence to proper procedures and good HR practices.
  • Leads staff interviews and establishes well-balanced interview panels, ensuring compliance with SOS policies and procedures in staff recruitment practices.
  • Provides staff employment documentation (e.g., position offers, appointment letters, contracts, and job descriptions) based on established staff employment policies and procedures.
  • Supervises the management of detailed, confidential personal information for each employee at the projects and the National Office. Ensures adequate records of key employee documents and advises project heads on possible improvements in staff personal records.
  • Conducts reference checks and verifies testimonials for shortlisted and selected applicants for senior positions.
  • Leads Human Resources reviews, development, and planning processes. Develops HR strategies and objectives for the National Association.
Leads Human Resource Policy Development and Review:
  • Leads the development of new policies associated with HR processes and conducts reviews of such policies.
  • Plans and facilitates regular reviews of effective HR management practices and policies, ensuring good participation from staff teams, management, and the board’s trustees.
  • Advises the National Director on significant needed changes in HR policy and ensures compliance with both SOS-KDI human resource policies and Tanzanian labor legislation.
  • Develops and monitors the application of various policies in line with the NA’s strategic objectives to ensure the consistent implementation of HR procedures and organizational compliance with recognized/good HR practices.
Promotes Employee Relations:
  • Provides clarification and guidance to line managers to implement HR policies, systems, and processes in line with the Human Resource manual.
  • Supports line managers in engaging in effective and open communication in matters affecting staff and their relationships with their supervisors to maintain cohesive and supportive staff teams.
  • Maintains open communication with project heads/facility managers on matters of staff indiscipline, ensuring that all such cases are well-attended to fairly and firmly.
  • Involves in staff discipline and grievance proceedings (following laid-down procedures and at stages deemed appropriate) in conjunction with project heads. Briefs and consults the National Director on significant staff indiscipline cases, seeking his involvement and advice as deemed appropriate.
  • Advises and supports project heads on opportunities for improving relations among employees and with the organization.
  • Seeks opportunities for improving staff welfare and supports such genuine proposals.
  • Promotes employee morale and productivity through programs that positively involve employees to sustain two-way channels of communication.
Leads Staff Performance Management:
  • Leads the implementation of the performance management policy, supports line managers in promoting staff performance and productivity across the organization through the practical application of this policy, and assists them in addressing situations of poor performance.
  • Follows up on the practice of staff performance evaluations by project managers, ensuring that appraisals are carried out timely and effectively. Works with project managers on the needs for action reflected in reports on staff performance and supports them in addressing cases of persistent poor performance. The HOHR is also responsible for promoting a performance culture within the organization.
  • Reviews and makes improvements to performance management and appraisal tools.
  • Leads the preparation and review of job descriptions, ensuring that job roles are distinctly defined to support organizational structures effectively.
  • The HoHR is responsible for the process of staff recognition and awards using the established policy.
Coordinates Staff Orientations. Induction and Development:
  • Develops and coordinates orientation programs for new and existing staff, ensuring that they receive comprehensive orientation and focused induction into both the organization and their roles.
  • Initiates the assessment and planning for the development/training needs of key staff, coordinating training activities across the National Association with project managers, department heads, and the National Director. The Head of Human Resources (HoHR) oversees the implementation of approved development/training programs.
  • Produces reports after each training event, which serve as references when evaluating training effectiveness and addressing post-training needs.
  • Manages correspondence and liaises with the SOS Regional Training Centre, regional HR advisor, and external training organizations to address the organization’s development needs.
Performs Other Responsibilities:
  • Provides firm support to the National Director in developing various management processes in promoting the objectives of the National Association.
  • Supports the National Director in meeting the needs of important meetings within the National Association, such as developing agenda, presentations and documents for planning forums, board meetings etc.
  • Oversees the whole working of the National Office setup and operations, ensuring good standards and overall efficiency.

  • Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, Public or Business Administration, Industrial Relations/Psychology, or a related field, with a minimum of five years of directly related work experience and additional training/courses. Equivalent demonstrated professional experience may be considered.
  • A minimum of 7 years of progressive professional experience in HR, with a strong preference for experience within an international NGO setting in Tanzania.
  • In-depth understanding of Tanzanian HR practices and standards, demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of Tanzanian labor law and customs.
  • Strong relationship-building skills and cross-cultural sensitivity, with the ability to effectively interface with internal and external stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.
  • Sound judgment and discretion to represent the Organization in a highly professional manner.
  • Proven ability to provide meaningful and comprehensive HR support to a diverse team, senior management, and the board.
  • Proven leadership skills with a track record of successfully managing and leading HR teams in a dynamic and evolving organizational environment.
  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and the ability to align HR strategies with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Extensive experience in managing employee relations issues, including conflict resolution, performance management, and disciplinary processes.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to convey complex HR concepts in a clear and concise manner.
  • Competency in HR software/applications and proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (MS Office/Excel/Word/PowerPoint).
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English.

Child Safeguarding and Protection Coordinator
Child Safeguarding and Protection Coordinator at SOS Children’s Villages January, 2024
Job Title: Child Safeguarding and Protection Coordinator
Duty station: National Office- Dar es Salaam
Reporting to: National Director
Contract Period: 2 years with possible extension

The Child Safeguarding and Protection Coordinator serves as a focal point at the national level for initiatives and activities aimed at facilitating the implementation and enhancement of the Child Safeguarding Policy. This involves ensuring the presence of policies, procedures, systems, structures, resources, and personnel dedicated to promoting the welfare and protection of children. The Child Safeguarding and Protection Coordinator is responsible for supporting and coordinating activities that contribute to the development of greater proficiency throughout the member association and within child protection systems and processes. The Child Safeguarding and Protection Coordinator collaborates closely with and receives support from the National Director, who holds ultimate responsibility for the implementation of child safeguarding measures.

  • Annually develop a national action plan based on status quo analysis together with the National Director, including a training strategy, to support child protection implementation in line with the ‘Implementation Guide’ of SOS-Kinderdorf International and tailored to the needs of SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania; ensure child protection is integrated into national and local planning.
  • Develop and implement a regular national monitoring system to document progress and challenges related to safeguarding issues.
  • Provide training to staff and stakeholders, offering diverse activities to enhance knowledge, practices, and skills in child safeguarding.
  • Support Human Resources (HR) in incorporating child safeguarding into existing processes and procedures (e.g., recruitment, screening, selection, induction, performance management).
  • Monitor and review the implementation of relevant policies, documentation, and procedures, ensuring compliance, currency, and alignment with government laws and international child safeguarding standards.
  • Conduct ongoing training and protection activities to sustain awareness and address specific training needs across various SOS locations.
  • Work as a local resource on child safeguarding, providing guidance and advice on related matters.
  • Offer coordination across the Member Association (MA) for consistent, efficient, and effective child safeguarding initiatives and knowledge sharing.
  • Establish connections with other networks and National Family Programs(NFPs) within SOS Children’s Villages (at regional, continental, and international levels) to foster consistent implementation and the exchange of experiences, learning, and best practices.
  • Facilitate communication on child safeguarding through various means, sharing good practices, and developing child-friendly protection materials, especially for children.
  • Participate in external Child Rights and Child safeguarding events, contributing to advocacy efforts.
  • Liaise with Regional/lnternational Child Safeguarding Managers/Advisors to enhance technical competence and safeguarding systems.
  • Support the National Director in responding effectively to child safeguarding concerns.
  • Centrally organize reports, referrals, and secure and confidential documentation of concerns.
  • Assist the National Director in implementing quality assurance mechanisms to evaluate child protection arrangements.
  • Support the National Director in obtaining an overall view of the national child protection status.
  • Develop learning needs assessments and capacity-building plans for staff and stakeholders based on allocated plans and budgets.
  • Shape broader child protection sector strategies through influence and leadership within inter-agency coordination forums, ensuring children’s specific needs are addressed.
  • Proactively identify advocacy opportunities, case studies, and research possibilities aligned with organizational and sectoral objectives.
  • Play a leadership role in shaping communications and media priorities according to Child Safeguarding thematic preferences.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, or a graduate-level degree in a relevant field of study, such as a social work, sociology, development studies, community development/community economic development. A postgraduate qualification would be an added advantage.
  • 6 working years in a relevant field, with experience in child protection, and safeguarding.
  • In-depth understanding of national and international Child protection laws, policies, and standards.
  • Knowledge of child development, trauma-informed care, and psychosocial support for children.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills related to child protection issues.
  • Familiarity with child safeguarding risk assessments and mitigation strategies
  • Ability to lead and coordinate child protection programs, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to engage and collaborate with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, and local communities.
  • Ability to assess and respond to child protection cases with sensitivity and empathy.
  • Attentive to detail and confidentiality, with the ability to multitask.
  • Proven ability to manage and supervise a team, providing guidance and support.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines while maintaining a high level of attention to detail.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, particularly in the functional use of Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word

Program Manager- 2 posts
Program Manager- 2 posts at SOS Children’s Villages January, 2024
Job Title: Program Manager- 2 posts
Duty station: Arusha-1 post and Mwanza -1 post
Reporting to: Head of Programs
Contract Period: 2 years with possible extension

The Program Manager is responsible for overseeing the comprehensive development and implementation of the SOS Children’s Village Programme in alignment with the organization’s vision, mission, strategy, policies, and standards. This role falls under the support of the Programme Development department within the National Office, collaborating with functional staff. The Program Manager serves as the representative of the organization to governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in the location. Also plays a crucial role in coordinating activities and interventions within the Children’s Village Programmes, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of services. Additionally, the Program Manager is tasked with ensuring the cost-efficiency of program implementation in the location and optimizing the use of resources.

Programme development and management
  • Leads the development and implementation of the programmes in line with the SOS Children’s Villages care promise and related international and national SOS policies, strategies, quality standards, and guidelines.
  • Leads the implementation of the programme management cycle including strategic planning process as part of National Association strategic direction to ensure that interventions are relevant to the local context, respond to the needs of the target group, and contribute to the development of sustainable social support systems.
  • Coordinates and ensures cooperation between all areas of work within the facilities.
  • Ensures efficiency through best use and sharing of resources across the facilities.
  • Regularly prepare and submit report on implementation and progress of activities towards targets to relevant National Office functions.
  • Ensures that the Children’s Village Policy is supportive to the brand of the SOS Children’s Villages Organisation.
HR management and organisational development.
  • Establishes appropriate staffing patterns and ensures full staffing to all programmes with support from National HR Department.
  • Leads managing co-workers in the location
  • Sets up and leads an effective management team
  • Take lead on Performance Management system implementations.
  • Recommends the performance of the staff to the National HR function for the National Director decision.
Financial and Administrative management
  • Builds accountability in the programme by ensuring implementation of effective financial and administrative procedures, in accordance with defined policies, guidelines, and
  • Leads the budgeting process in the location(s).
  • Monitors budget expenditures and conducts financial (in cooperation with the Senior Accountant and content controlling of the programme, in order to ensure that funds are properly
  • Continually looks for ways to provide quality services in a cost-effective manner.
  • Ensures that budgeting of maintenance costs(construction, repairs, renovation) for SOS property is carried out regularly.
  • Ensures technical work like execution, supervision, and procurement are carried out by competent staff, and make sure that the procedures and policies are followed properly.
  • The Program Manager is overall accountable for allocated resources/assets of the 
Quality management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Responsible for quality management in the programme and ensures the implementation of national and international quality standards with support of Head of Programs.
  • Monitors and implements the recommendations from national/international quality audits and evaluations.
Partnership building, advocacy and cooperation with external stakeholders
  • Negotiates and can concludes agreements and contracts with partners/ supplies/ state authorities by consulting and getting approval from the National Director.
  • Leads and coordinates cooperation, partnership building, and networking efforts of the programmes with local and national authorities and other external stakeholders with support from the Institutional and Partnership Development
  • Represents in support of relevant staff the organization at relevant local networks, forums, platforms, campaigns, working groups and advocates on behalf of the organisation for the promotion of child rights, especially related to children from the target
Fund development and public relations
  • Promotes the organisation in the public and identifies potential income sources in cooperation with the Fundraising & Communications function in the National Office.
  • Strives for the highest possible level of programme self-financing with a focus on fundraising targets agreed during the strategic planning process.
  • Prepare and submit proposal for the projects in collaboration with National Office IPD Coordinator staff.
  • Identifies potential income sources in cooperation with National Office Head of Fund Development and Communication

  • Master’s degree in one or combination of the following disciplines: Organizational Development, Child Development, Children and Youth Care programming, Sociology and Development
  • Working experiences not less than 7 years which should include: at least 4-5 years working at managerial levels within reputable NGOs working in Tanzania;
  • Strong background on programming and projects management
  • Robust experience in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Strong background in proposal development and donor negotiation skills with good track record of awarded proposals.
  • Strong, leadership and interpersonal skills and group dynamics management skills
  • Strong background in livelihoods and economic empowerment for most vulnerable groups;
  • Ability to forge and manage partnership with Government and Civil Society Organizations;
  • Ability to champion fundraising initiatives with experience in effective engagement of corporates;
  • The candidate should possess the emotional stability to lead and guide the large community of children and staff, maintaining the required high standards.
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English.

Interested candidates for any of the above positions should submit an application letter via email, along with a detailed and updated CV that includes telephone contacts, email address, and details of at least 3 referees. The candidate MUST clearly indicate the title of the position applied for. Only candidates contacted for the interview will be required to submit copies of academic and professional certificates. The closing date is 8th February 2024. To apply, please send your application to;
The National Director, SOS Children’s Villages.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Please Note
: SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania is an equal opportunity employer and committed to keeping children safe from abuse and harm, prevent all forms of exploitations, harassment and abuse among staff, program participant, donors and community members. Therefore candidates applying for this post will be subject to child safeguarding recruitment procedures and checks.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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